Course Syllabus

World History


Welcome to World History!  This course gives students the opportunity to explore recurring themes of history around the globe from ancient times to contemporary times.  This course provides the foundations for future core classes such as Civics and United States History.


Grading Policy


Tests: 40% of your six weeks grade.


Quizzes: 25% of your six weeks grade.


Participation/Classwork/Homework: 20% of your six weeks grade.


Projects: 15% of your six weeks grade.



Final Semester Grade: There are three six weeks and one final exam. Each one counts as 25% of your final grade for the semester.


Missed Work


You need to make up work immediately. Late work will be accepted as full credit on the first day of return with an excused absence form. Every day after that it will lose 10 points.






Materials Needed Daily


-Three ring binder or folder for old test and work

-Pen, Pencils and Color Pencils

-Charged Laptop



You must follow all discipline guidelines listed in the student handbook and follow my in class rules which will be outlined day one.  Cell Phones are not allowed unless the teacher has approved. Questions about any policy can be emailed or discussed in person.


Important Websites

Text Book Online

Username: whistory40

Password: k4n8n


Educational Site

          Sign in with your school Google account


Notes and Lessons

          Sign in with your school Google account.


Canvas Page

  • Canvas page will include the course syllabus and the curriculum guide to World History which includes a rough outline of the course. Canvas is updated at the beginning of each unit.



Course Outline


  • First Six Weeks
    • Unit 1 Early Civilizations           8000BC- 600BC
    • Unit 2 Classical Civilizations 600BC - 600AD
  • Second Six Weeks
    • Unit 3 Post-Classical Civilizations 600 - 1450
    • Unit 4 European Revival 1450 - 1750
  • Third Six Weeks
    • Unit 5 Industrial Age 1750 – 1914
    • Unit 6 Modern Age 1914 - Current


Final Exam

There will be an online final exam that is given by the State. This exam will consist mainly of reading comprehension questions.  This exam is not graded by the school and cannot be curved by the teacher. It will count as 25% of your overall grade in this class.

Course Summary:

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