Course Syllabus

8th B Spanish class:  Señora Nelson, Room 23  Phone: 704 290 1540


Canvas page: Nelson Spanish 

Google classroom: Code: gliy44m     "Remote teaching"(Google classroom) code: cr2u2sm

Students need to study vocabulary words every day (20 or 30 minutes )

I have reminded my students that they are not allowed to leave the Canvas page during any quiz or test for any reason. They have been informed that leaving the site during a quiz/test is considered cheating. If they leave the page at any time during the test or quiz they will receive a Zero (0) grade.

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome!

I’m looking forward to getting to know you this year, as we learn about the Spanish language and the countries where it is spoken. By the end of this semester, you will be able to have conversations about a variety of topics, such as school life, friends and family, completely in Spanish. Additionally, you’ll learn about the geography and customs of Spanish-speaking countries. In just the first month, we will be learning about:

Chapters and materials to be covered in the course:

Para empezar: greetings; introductions; leave-taking; numbers; time; body parts; classroom; date; asking for help; weather, and seasons

Chapter 1A: activities you like/don’t like to do and ask others what they like to do

Chapter 1B: personality traits; ask/tell what people are like, and adjectives to describe people

Chapter 2A: classroom items and furniture, parts of the classroom, and prepositions of location

El libro de texto

We will be using the Realidades 1 textbook. A class set will stay in the room, but you may check out a book by filling out the book sign-out sheet.


  • Three ring binder
  • Leaf paper
  • Five divisions
  • Pens and pencils
  • Dry-erase marker
  • Head phone
  • Notebook

< Expectativas  To remember our class expectations, think of the letters in FIRE:

Focus: Focus on the speaker and class activities, and keep electronics away unless given permission.

Integrity: In every situation, do the right thing. This includes being honest and treating peers and

adults with respect.

Responsibility: Arrive on time, and bring class materials and homework.

Excellence: Take pride in your work and do your best during class activities.

˜ Grading:

Interpersonal Speaking: 20%

Presentational Speaking: 15%

Presentational Writing: 15%

Interpretive Listening: 25%

Interpretive Reading: 15%

Culture Comparison: 10%

A          = 90 – 100%  

B          = 80 - 89                    

C          = 70 - 79                    

D          = 60 - 69                                

F          = 59 and below

You can earn up to four participation points each day by following our class expectations of Focus, Integrity, Responsibility, and Excellence.


After being absent, check the homework binder for any missed hand-outs, and check with friends to see if you need to copy down notes.

If you are absent for one day, you get one day to make up the work. If you are absent for multiple days, see me to come up with a plan for turning in work.

If you missed a quiz or test, again, see me to come up with a time and date you can make it up.

Course Summary:

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