Course Syllabus

2019-20 SYLLABUS – Art & Advanced Art

Mrs. Hawkes



  1. All assignments must be completed on or before the due date.
  2. Unfinished artwork is graded as such.
  3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to make up all work.
  4. If your project requires extra time to be completed, you have to make arrangements with me prior to the due date. This is your responsibility.
  5. Each project has specific requirements and guidelines that will be explained to you. Follow them.
  6. Unless an assignment specifically requires copying, it will be interpreted in the same manner as plagiarism.
  7. You are also graded, weekly, for your participation in class (20 points per day).



  1. Food, drinks, candy, gum are not allowed in the art studio. A bottle of WATER is permitted in the art studio.
  2. Cell phones are not allowed at any time. If they are seen, they will be taken and turned into the office. Please keep them put away and quiet.
  3. Be in the room before the bell rings. Dropping your stuff and leaving does not qualify you as being on time.
  4. Sit at your assigned seat unless I give you OK to move. That means you do not walk around the room during the class.
  5. Talk quietly with students at your table. Do not talk during the instructional time.
  6. Draw, paint, etc. on your artwork only!
  7. Use materials from your center only. Do not take supplies from other centers.
  8. You can bring your work home any time. You are responsible for having it back the next day. I cannot grade it if it is not in your portfolio.
  9. If you must swear, please do it elsewhere...inappropriate language will not be tolerated.
  10. You are responsible for cleaning your work area and the tools that you used. Failure to do so will result in a loss of art supply privileges and you will need to provide your own.
  11. Encourage your fellow classmates in a positive way... treat them fairly and nicely. This room should be a fun and comfortable place for everyone.

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