Course Syllabus

Parkwood High School                                  STUDENT SYLLABUS


                                                               Robotics Honors – Gabriel T Oprea 



       Work Hard, Enjoy every moment, never give up, don't miss class, and ask each other. Remember: There is no shortcut to any place worth going. “NASA credit” Serving each other we become free “Round Table Knights”


            Provide opportunities for STEM and ROBOTICS study and creativity within a global context that will stimulate and challenge students; Provide a body of knowledge, methods, and techniques that characterize science and technology; Enable students to apply and use a body of knowledge, methods, and techniques that characterize science and technology; Develop an ability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize STEM and ROBOTICS information; Develop awareness for the need for, and the value of, effective collaboration and communication during STEM and ROBOTICS activities; Develop experimental and investigative STEM and ROBOTICS skills; Develop and apply the students’ information and communication technology skills in the study of science; Raise awareness of the moral, ethical, social, economic, and environmental implications of using science and technology; Develop an appreciation of the possibilities and limitations associated with science and scientists; Encourage an understanding of the relationships between STEM and ROBOTICS disciplines.



Students will

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of:
  2. STEM and ROBOTICS facts and concepts;
  3. STEM and ROBOTICS methods and techniques;
  4. STEM and ROBOTICS terminology;
  5. methods of presenting STEM and ROBOTICS information.
  6. Apply and use:
  7. STEM and ROBOTICS facts and concepts;
  8. STEM and ROBOTICS methods and techniques;
  9. STEM and ROBOTICS terminology to communicate effectively;
  10. appropriate methods to present STEM and ROBOTICS information.
  11. Construct, analyze, and evaluate:
  12. hypotheses, research questions and predictions;
  13. STEM and ROBOTICS methods and techniques;
  14. STEM and ROBOTICS explanations.
  15. Demonstrate the personal skills of cooperation, perseverance and responsibility appropriate for STEM and ROBOTICS investigation and problem solving.
  16. Demonstrate the manipulative skills necessary to carry out STEM and ROBOTICS projects with precision & safety.


Nature of the Subject

          Robotics Honors is one of the sciences that is researched the most in our society the most scientists are in life sciences and medical research. Robotics Honors is essential for us being the stepping stone for technology and the future of human endower

Here is a brief description of the course of study.

            Inquiry in robotics

It describes the STEM and ROBOTICS method and the ways it can be used in Robotics Honors as well as the implications and relationships with other disciplines and technologies



Assessment (cheating will result in a 0 to that assignment. This grade cannot be change under any circumstance) All work must be original always, no exceptions. All work must be labeled with the name, a title, page number and date. The work must be stored in sequence in the binder.

Test 35% the notebook and the conclusion: the conclusion is on google doc shared with teacher and colleagues, the teacher is made owner of the documents and the docs are assessed 2 or 3 times per semester as  test grades.) The procedure is as follows: the teacher will randomly choose a day and that day the notebook or the conclusion will be assessed. If that specific work is missed the grade will be 0 if is complete will be 100)

Quizzes 10% (can be announced or unannounced)

Class work 20%, (this work must be in the binder and notebook) The student is responsible for the storing and organization of all work produced in class. The student must also make sure his place is left clean at the departure from class this is part of the class work

Labs/Projects 35%, (The student is expected to clean up and follow all safety lab rules, in case of a different outcome the grade could be severely affected)

Homework 10%,( The student is responsible to finish any unfinished class work. The class work must be attached in the binder

 ***Labeling requirements: Each paper that is turn in must contain: Name (use first and last name in capital letters no abbreviation please), subject, Date, page number. This information must be present on all pages. If this requirement is not meet the paper will not be graded and will be trashed. Please make sure all information is easily legible.***

Materials Engineering Notebook one with graph paper or the vex Engineering notebook (best solution). Binder for worksheet and class work a 1 inch will suffice, Pair of comfortable Safety glasses not mandatory but the class ones are not comfortable Ruler – 12 inch preferably one with metric (cm) Black pen Pencil, #2 preferably mechanical .5 or .7 tissue bring one box please (not mandatory but appreciated).

Dividers, and miscellaneous materials for some experiments (to be announced) dividers as specified.

Chrome Book and Internet (It is a great resource that will help the student with this course, I want to inform that test and quizzes will be on computer)




Maintain appropriate behavior, both verbal and non-verbal, at all times. Students will be given a warning for inappropriate behavior or behavior that interrupts learning for others. If inappropriate behavior continues, an immediate conference with the student will occur, a phone call to parents will be made, and appropriate consequences as set forth by the school policy will be applied.


Daily Expectations

Students will:

            Respect any rule posted in Student handbook of Parkwood High School

            The student will have assign seats and is not expected to move in class without permission. The student can not change his assign seat for any reason. 

            Be in assigned seats when the bell rings;

            Have appropriate materials for class out and ready to use; bring them in class every day. Make sure the chrome book is charged and you have the charger with you every day. If is not charged we consider that you did not come prepared in class. Keep the notes in order.

            Begin any daily assignments posted at once; Take notes complete any worksheet given at once or immediately for homework if you did not finish them in class. 

            Have all assignments and projects due ready to hand in, using proper format use the labeling requirement always

            Follow classroom management rules

Be on time in class and start the Bell work (first activity) immediately

                Respect yourself and others

                Start immediately any assignment that was given

                Respect any direction strictly and at once

                If you need help please raise your hand and wait until you are recognize

            Adhere to all school rules, regulation, and polices set forth by the school and Union County;

            Return all class materials and supplies to their proper place;

            DO not produce any unnecessary noise in class please respect others time.

            Remain seated until dismissed;

            Leave the room neat and orderly, with chairs pushed in and desks straightened.

Mr. Gabriel T Oprea will:

            Post daily objectives and assignments on board;

            Assess all work in accordance with assessment policy criteria and established grading standards;

            Be available for conferences and assistance during posted times before/after school if the student has shown evidence of effort;

            Maintain records of assessment, attendance, and classroom behavior;

            Be available by phone for student concerns, questions, and clarifications at 704-764-2900 before 3:30 PM. Please note, it is against Union County policy to discuss a student’s grades or behavior using email.



Late Work Policy

          Due to the nature of the Robotics Honors course, certain assignments cannot be accepted late with the exception of Canvas or other LMS assignments. Students will be given these due dates well in advance if possible. Most assignments turned in the following day after an absence will not be penalized if the date of the absences in noted at the top of the assignment. A 10% penalty may be applied to work turned in one day late. Work may not be accepted after that. Please see me individually or call me if there are extenuating circumstances PRIOR to the due date and I will consider options that are acceptable.


Student Agreement

          By signing below, the student has read and understood the guidelines for Mr Oprea Robotics Honors class and will keep this and all handouts in their class notebook for reference.

The student also will adhere to the Honor code for the Science class

 Student Signature_____________

 Parent Signature__________________


Course Summary:

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