Course Syllabus


Students should come prepared daily with pencil, pen, and loose-leaf binder  (notebooks/binders represent 20% of the grade.) Students will be responsible for purchasing a small sewing kit, fabric for large projects, and notions (thread, zippers, etc.) for their garments. If any of these requirements represent a financial hardship, please contact me personally. 


Students will not have their own textbook, Clothing and  Your Appearance, Goodheart, Wilcox, 2008. There is only one classroom set.  Consequently, there will be little homework in this class. Attendance is very important, since many of the activities cannot be made up unless the student stays after school.  The remaining 80% of the students’ grade will come from classwork, tests, projects and sewing lab.



We will start with the history of Textile and Apparel. The major project in the class will be a small pillow or bag.  Students will also be required to complete two projects of choice on their own. 


Class Policies

Students are required to be quiet, stay seated or be in their designated work area, raise their hands to be recognized before speaking, and to ask permission before leaving their seat or borrowing materials.  Eating, drinking, chewing gum, cell phone (and other electronic devices) and personal grooming are not permitted in class.  Consequences for non-compliance with class rules are as follows:  warning, Conference (student-teacher) or call home, then referral to administration for discipline.


School to Home Communication

In addition to report cards you should expect a progress report s midway through the 6 week grading period.  If you have any questions, please call 704-764-2900 ex3380 or e-mail at Morgon.Outing


On a more Personal Note

Your student has made a wise choice in selecting Apparel Development as one of his/her electives.  The course will cover the elements and principles of design in fashion, basic and some advanced clothing construction techniques and a discussion of career opportunities in the apparel and textile industries.


Apparel Development is an excellent first step toward completing a College Tech Prep course of study here at Parkwood.  If your student enjoys clothing design he or she may be interested in more advanced course to complete the College Tech Prep program.


Encourage your student to share his/her classroom experiences with you.  If you have a special skill in the area of clothing design or construction, I invite you to share your skills with our class. 

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