Course Syllabus

Remembering the Holocaust Syllabus


Ms. Speck

Room: E5


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PHONE: 704-753-2810

Course Description:

Welcome to Remembering the Holocaust! This course will take us on a journey that begins with Father Abraham, patriarch of the Hebrew nation, and winds its way through history leading us up to today. We will examine and analyze the history of the Jewish people, culture and faith. As we do this we will also look at the treatment of the European Jews throughout time especially during the years of 1933-1945. It was in the mist of this time that the Jews were persecuted, tormented and annihilated. Most of this discrimination was done by the Nazi Party of Germany but was ultimately carried out through the collaboration of many individuals and governments. While Jews were the primary victims, they were not the only group targeted. During this course we will also discover that Poles, Roma & Sinti, the handicapped, homosexuals, political prisoners and others were targeted by the Nazis.

We will place in historical context the conditions Germany and the rest of Europe faced following World War I, how Hitler came to power, as well as the idea that anti-Semitism was not something new to the world in the 1930’s. Unfortunately, the world continues to struggle with the persecution of individuals and people groups so we will look into the genocides that took place in Rwanda, Cambodia, Bosnia and Guatemala. Through studying these emotionally-charged subjects, students will come away with a greater understanding of the power of propaganda and the danger of intolerance and indifference.


  • Stereotypes and Prejudices
  • Jewish History and Culture
  • Anti-Semitism and Propaganda
  • Hitler, Mein Kampf and Nazi Fascism
  • Solutions to “The Jewish Question” - 1st, 2nd and Final Solutions
  • Medical Experimentation
  • Resistance and the Aftermath of the Holocaust
  • Genocide around the world
  • Intolerance on a personal level


Each student is expected to maintain an up-to-date notebook, bring all necessary materials to class, including your Chromebook, notebook and writing utensils, be an active learner, be punctual to class, have regular attendance and display respectful classroom behavior. Tardiness will NOT be tolerated and will earn lockout consequences. This is a discussion based class and it is an expectation that each student participate in the discussion, debates and project based activates.


The grading system for this course will be averaged based on total pints possible. Every home-work, class work, quiz, test, notebook, project, etc. will be assigned a point value. Remember that a C is the average expected grade. To earn an A or a B you must consistently do work that exceeds the average.

100-90   A             89-80     B             79-70     C             69-60     D             59-0       F

Class Rules and Guidelines:

  1. All students are to be in their assigned seats and ready to begin work when the bell rings.
  2. Eating, drinking drinks without a lid, and personal grooming are not permitted in class. Chewing gum is allowed as long as the gum stays in your mouth.
  3. Cell phones, personal technology or electronic devices are NOT allowed in class and will be confiscated if necessary. (Read and Sign Cell Phone Policy)
  4. Please help keep the room clean and orderly. No writing on the desks, walls or displays. Straighten the desks and pick up your trash before leaving class.
  5. Students will be allowed six passes out of class per grading period. Passes will not be given out during the first ten or last ten minutes of class or during tests. (Emergencies are an exception.)
  6. Cheating/coping in this class will NOT be tolerated and will result in a zero on the grade for all parties involved. This includes class assignments, homework, and test/quizzes.
  7. Please respect yourself, your classmates, your teacher and any visitors in class. Listen without interrupting, raise your hand before calling out and wait to be called on. Refrain from profanity of any kind. Remember that the teacher’s desk, chair, computer and other things are off limits without permission.
  8. Class participation is crucial and includes asking relevant questions, actively sharing and listening during class discussions, completing assignments, and preparing for tests. Attendance, punctuality, behavior and responsibility all count toward this goal.
  9. Please follow the UCPS and Piedmont High School dress code at all times.
  10. Students should not leave their seats without permission. I will dismiss the class when the bell rings. Do not stand up or line up at the door before dismissal.


  1. Place your name, date and assignment in the upper right hand corner of the first page. Your assignment will drop a letter grade if you do not put your name on the paper! These instructions are the same for digital assignments. Names must be on papers!
  2. Always put the number of the question and then answer it in full sentence form or in some cases detailed bullet points.
  3. Make-up work will be accepted according to PDHS policy.
  4. Late work will be accepted only 3 days after the assigned due date and will lose significant credit.


  1. Students can expect both announced and unannounced quizzes.
  2. Students can expect that all tests will be announced prior to the test date.
  3. If a student is absent on the day of an announced test/quiz, he/she will take it the next class.
  4. If a student is absent for an extended period, test/quiz will be made up according to PDHS guidelines. REMEMBER IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY to make arrangements.

Course Summary:

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