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Health and Physical Education Syllabus

Mission: To motivate students to participate in a regular lifelong personal fitness program and encourage responsible health decisions.

Teachers: Alanna Smith / Derrick Johnson / Shane Griffin
Contact Information: Forest Hills High School 704-233-4001

On this site you will be able to access a variety of materials. Listed below are the different units that we will study throughout the semester along with the course syllabus, which I have attached. You will also find that you will use this website to post discussions, assignments, and any other necessary forms needed for Health & PE and weekly class challenges aka "quizzes."

Health_and_PE_Syllabus-FHHS 2019.docx Please read carefully as you will need to return the bottom portion of the syllabus with a parent signature and list any concerns that you may have.


Health Content:

 * Mental and Emotional Health (MEH) 

 * Interpersonal Communications and Relationships (ICR)

 * Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs (ATOD)

 * Nutrition and Physical Activity (NPA)  

 * Personal and Consumer Health (PCH)


Physical Education Content:

* Health Related Fitness

* Movement Concepts

* Motor Skills

* Personal and Social Responsibility 




Course Summary:

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