Course Syllabus

Piedmont High School World Languages Spanish
Matt Tiller Spanish II
(704) 753-2810

Schedule - Fall Semester
  1st block     Spanish II
  2nd block    planning
  3rd block     Spanish I (2nd lunch)
  4th block      Spanish I

Required Supplies:
You will need your Chromebook with charger, reusable notebook or standard notebook, folder for handouts, loose leaf paper, 2 pens 2 pencils, and 1GB flash drive or higher.

Grading Policies Bellwork:
You will begin each day with a short assignment such as a literacy activity, 5 review questions, a crossword puzzle, etc. Each assignment is intended to either review key concepts from the previous day or to introduce new vocabulary. Bellwork assignments have a value of 2 points each. The points are cumulative and will be factored into your 6 weeks’ grades.

Classwork and homework are both included in the Classwork category in PowerSchool. Point values are typically 10 points but will be adjusted when various assignments are counted in one grade. Example: 4 assignments related to the unit “mis amigos y yo” would count as a total of 40 points for one composite grade (10+10+10+10 = 40).

You will have one quiz per chapter. Each quiz typically counts for 50 points. Depending on the length of the quiz the point value could be as high as 100.

You will have one test per chapter. Tests are worth 100 points. The tests will assess the 5 domains of language learning: speaking, listening, reading, writing, and culture. Benchmarks 1 and 2 will be counted as test grades.

Projects will be assigned throughout the semester and will have point values according to their level of difficulty, required research, and/or group involvement. 

UCPS  World Languages Department is undergoind a curriculum update for Spanish courses. Please be advised that benchmarks will continue in some way, shape, form, or fashion; however, the method(s) of assessment may be changed for increased accuracy (i.e. validity & reliability in testing => accuracy and consistency). 

Students have 2 days to make up work from an absence. This includes both homework and classwork. If you were in class when a test or quiz was announced, you will be responsible for taking the test or quiz the day that you return. There are no exceptions. It is your responsibility to find out what you missed while you were absent and complete the work.

You will be given 6 bathroom passes per 6 weeks (paper copies). You must keep up with your passes. When a pass will be used, it must be signed by me first. Using the restroom is not an event to be celebrated. Therefore, you shouldn’t spend time enjoying the day in the bathroom. Do what you need to do and come back to class.

Food & Drinks:
No food will be allowed in class. Drinks must be in a bottle or container with a secure top.

Class Dismissal:
Please remain seated until the bell rings.

Cheating will not be tolerated. You will receive a zero and I will be obligated to inform your parents/guardians. This includes the unapproved use of online translators.

Arriving Late:
Arrive to class on time every day. There will always be an assignment for you to complete when you enter the room, so arriving to class early is even better. I expect you to be in your seat and working when the bell rings.

Extra Credit:
There will be various ways to earn extra credit points throughout the semester. Take advantage of these opportunities because I won’t offer them all the time. All ideas must be cleared by me first. You may choose to do anything from a report on a country, an informative poster, a short video in Spanish, games, etc.

Final Exam:
Your final exam will be worth 25% of your final grade. There will be 4 of the 5 domains assessed on the exam: listening, reading, writing, and culture. More information and rubrics will be provided as the date approaches.

Classroom Rules:
1) Use class time wisely.
2) Show your best work.
3) Treat others with respect.
4) Follow UCPS rules & policies.
5) Be honest at all times.



Course Summary:

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