Course Syllabus


Sara Hanna

Piedmont High School

Advanced Placement English IV:  Literature and Composition

Phone: (704)753-2810  ext. 1523

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Course Description:

Advanced Placement Literature and Composition is an introduction to college level reading, analysis, and discourse British and American Literature across genres from the sixteenth century to present.  Emphasis will be placed on reading critically, interpreting literature, and writing for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts.


  1. AP Multiple Choice Diagnostic Practice Test
  2. Free-response Question:  Thematic essay on Summer reading assignment
  3. Free-response Question: Close Reading Poetry


Unit Breakdown:

The course will be broken down into seven units.  Each unit will include one major anchor text clustered with several supplementary texts. The units will incorporate pre-reading activities, reader’s response assignments, class discussions, and critical response essays.  For each unit, students will select an essay to workshop and revise in preparation for their final portfolio.  The units are as follows:

Semester 1:

Unit 1 - Heroes

Unit 2 - Gothic and Romantic Literature

Unit 3 - Poetry

Semester 2: Unit 4 - Parody and Satire

Unit 5 - Social Science Fiction

Unit 6 -  Literature Circles

Unit 7 -  Project and Final Portfolio

Course Summary:

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