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Honors Physics Course Outline



Expectations:     Students are expected to be in their seat and ready to begin when the bell rings.  Textbooks, pencils, pen and paper or notebook are to be brought everyday, unless otherwise directed.  A mindset and attitude conducive to learning is also essential.  Any act, deed, or instance that is inconsistent with the utmost respect for others and self will not be tolerated.  Positive participation in class is expected and includes such elements as daily preparedness, positive mindset, and an attitude and demeanor that contribute to the overall learning environment and academic best interest of the class.


There is to be absolutely no cell phone usage in my classroom unless directed by myself or if permission is given to you for the purposes of enhancing an activity.  You will need to have a scientific calculator or purchase one. I can loan you one for use in the classroom, but it cannot go home.


My Cell Phone Policy


First offense –Warning

Second offense— I will take your cell phone up, and give it back at the end of class.

Third offense— the cell phone is taken to the office, and given to grade level administrator.


Parents or Guardians-- please contact your student via the office.  Also, if you need to contact them in a family emergency situation, please use office channels so as to not bring about panic. Physics is such an interactive course we may not always be in the classroom, but the office will know where we are.


Grading:     I use a point system that is then converted to a percentage at the end of each six weeks.



Test -- are generally worth 100 points.

Quizzes--are worth between 10 to 25 points.

Labs – are worth 25 to 50 points.

Homework/Classwork --is worth 10 to 20 points.

Project-- are worth at least 100 to 200 points


Grading Scale





Any grade below 60 is failing.           


Unit 1:  Review & Motion                              Chapters 1 & 2                       

Unit 2: Vectors & 2-D Motion                        Chapter 3                               

Unit 3:  Forces & Newton's Laws                  Chapter 4                               

Unit 4: Work & Energy                                  Chapter 5                               

Unit 5:  Momentum, Impulse, & Collision     Chapter 6                               

Unit 6:  Gravity & Rotational Aspects           Chapters 7 & 8                       

Unit 7: Vibrations, Waves, & Sound              Chapter 12 & 13                    

 Unit 8:  Light & Optics                                  Chapters 14, 15, & 16            

Unit 9:  Electricity: Static                               Chapters 17 & 18                   

Unit 10:  Current and Circuits                        Chapter 19 & 20                    

Unit 11:  Magnetism, Induction, & AC          Chapter 21 & 22



The chapter tests will be given at the end of most chapters.  Test dates will be announced well in advance.  Inter-chapter quizzes could be administered at anytime, however, some will be announced prior to the quiz date. Helping classmates understand and grasp concepts is expected.  Collaboration with homework assignments is also encouraged, however, it is very important that we understand what the difference between collaboration for success, and copying someone’s work are.  Copying will result in a grade of “0” on that particular assignment, and that grade of “0” will be given to both provider and the recipient, if also a student in this course, of the copied work in question.  Our goal is to work together to master the physics course objectives set before us. Cheating will not be tolerated.


 I am generally available before school, and after school.  To be assured of availability, it is suggested that you make an appointment with me.  However, you are welcome to see me at any time for assistance, and I will make every effort to help you.  I arrive at school every morning around 7:40, and am willing to help.





                                                                                                 Phil Apple



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