Course Syllabus


  1. Required: A positive attitude with a willingness to work hard and learn in a fun environment. EXPECTATIONS FOR MY HONORS-HSII STUDENTS ARE VERY HIGH, NOT ONLY IN GRADES AND TEST SCORES, BUT ALSO IN BEHAVIORS AND ATTITUDES!!!!
  2. Grades: Grades will be derived from homework, Magazine Mania, quizzes, unit tests, journals, class participation, and projects.

GRADES ARE EARNED, NOT GIVEN!!!                             

  1. Assignments: All work must be turned in on time! This is a HONORS class and work is expected to be turned in when it is due!! If you miss an assignment, it is your responsibility to see me for any make up work.
  2. Other Expectations:
  4. Come prepared to class-with your notebook, paper, pen/pencils, and anything else you think you will need for class!!
  5. I will observe the lockout policy and procedures.
  6. No meals are to be eaten during class. You may have a snack and something to drink as long as it is QUIET!!
  7. IF you choose to drink in class, KNOW YOUR BLADDER CAPACITY!!!
  8. My class time is not the time to take care of your personal business or to do other teacher’s work. I will ask you to put other teacher’s work away only once. If I have to ask again, the work becomes my property!
  9. Supplies:
  10. 3 ring binder TO BE USED FOR MY CLASS ONLY!
  11. paper, pens/pencils to use for lots of notes
  12. dividers for your notebook; you will need one divider for each unit. You can buy these or make them.
  13. LAB COATS for shadowing will be issued just as a textbook. If they are not returned, you will be charged $15 for the cost of replacement.  You may buy a new coat for $15 if you wish.

Absences/Tardies:  SIMPLE-BE HERE!! To be successful in Honors-HSII, you must be in class.  IF YOU ARE BEHIND IN CLASSWORK, YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO TO JOB SHADOWING!!!

HSII is a perquisite as it serves to determine your work ethic and ability to follow policy and procedures.  If your behavior is unsatisfactory in HSII, you are subject to be excluded from the CNA program.

Those students continuing to the CNA program need to be aware you have only 6 hours you can miss of the CNA course. College visits, trips, etc. need to be completed before the CNA class starts.






Course Summary:

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