Course Syllabus

Honors Biology Syllabus

Mrs. Beth Walker

Course Description:  Biology is the study of living things and how they interact with each other and their environment.   We will study the smallest unit of life, the cell, and how cells interact to form a functioning living organism.  We will also study the molecule in the cell that is passed on from parent to offspring - DNA.  The mechanisms of heredity and how they relate to evolution will make up an important unit in Biology.  Ecology and a basic study of living organisms such as bacteria, plants, and animals will also be included in our survey of life.  Honors Biology is designed to be more challenging than a standard level course and will prepare you for AP classes in the future. 


What to Expect:

  1. Homework is to reinforce the information we learn daily in class; few people retain what they learn when they only hear/see/do that activity one time.
  2. You will have homework most nights, and sometimes on the weekend.
  3. Most assignments will take at least 30 minutes to complete.
  4. Nightly review/study of the notes from class is a necessity to be successful in the course.
  5. Tutoring will be available, as needed.
  6. I send home progress reports to every student every at the middle of each six-weeks grading period.

End-of-Course Exam:  All students MUST score a level 3 or higher on their Biology End-of-Course exam and meet UCPS exit standards to pass Biology and receive credit towards graduation in Biology.  Biology is required to graduate and receive a diploma from the state of North Carolina.  This means that ALL students must complete their homework nightly, study nightly, attend tutoring when needed, and develop strong study habits in Biology from day #1.

In addition, the North Carolina state-mandated EOC exam will count as 25% of your final grade in Biology.  The remaining 75% of your grade will come from your three six-week grades.

Grade Calculation:

Grades are calculated on a point scale.  Tests are worth approximately 100 points, quizzes range from 10-50 points, and homework ranges from 10-40 points.  Labs count varying amounts depending on the length and depth of the lab.  A spiral-bound notebook, the StudyBuddy, will be used to facilitate learning and will be taken up and assessed.  Students that complete StudyBuddy assignments in their entirety will be given the option to drop their lowest grade (other than a test/project/group grade).

Benchmark Assessments: District-wide Benchmark Assessments will be given to all students four times during the semester.  Scores on Benchmark Assessments are used to determine which students need additional remediation in Biology.  

 Extra CreditI only assign extra credit to an entire class, so students should take advantage of any extra credit opportunities as they arise. 


Tutoring will be offered as needed, at 7:45 am. Contact Mrs. Walker to schedule a tutoring session.  Please do not wait until the last minute to get assistance via tutoring.

Canvas Site:  All assignments, notes, helpful links, etc., will be found to our Canvas page.  You are expected to visit the site daily.  You are also expected to bring your laptop and charger to class daily.   If you are absent, what we did in class and the homework will also be listed on Canvas Announcements. You are expected to check this information and print/write it down before returning to class.

 Supply List:

  • Pencils & Blue/Black pens
  • Colored Pencils
  • 3-ring Binder with approximately 12 dividers
  • Calculator
  • One-subject (70 page) spiral-bound notebook (hole-punched to place in your binder)
  • Transparent Tape (2/3 rolls)
  • Ear Buds/Headphones




Contact Information:

  • Phone me at 704-753-2810
  • E-mail me:  -- I will do my best to e-mail you back within 24 hours (during weekdays)


Course Summary:

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