Course Syllabus

IB French Language B - Standard Level (SL)                                                                                                                                                                            

Bonjour et bonne rentrée!  This final year will be challenging but very worthwhile, as it will prepare you well for college and help you grow as a learner.  Enjoy and contribute to this unique and global community.


The goal of this program is to strongly develop your skills in the language through creative, high level activities.


Reading:  We will read various texts, focusing on sample articles that the IBO provides.  We will also prepare for the different styles of questions that match the articles.


Writing:  We will write many different texts, including essays, letters, emails, journals, interviews, speeches, etc. 


Speaking:  We will practice presentational and interpersonal skills.  These might include presentations, discussions, debates, role playing, partner work, etc.


Listening:  We will develop auditory skills through speaking in class, watching videos, programs and movies, listening to CD’s, music, podcasts, etc.


The five core themes of the IB language component include:

  1. Identities (Identités)
  2. Experiences (Expériences)
  3. Human ingenuity (Ingéniosité humaine)
  4. Social organization (Organisation sociale)
  1. Sharing the planet (Partage de la planète)


Theory of Knowledge (TOK)/Théorie de la connaissance: We will examine and reflect about the acquisition of an additional language and the concept of intercultural understanding.  For example, a possible TOK question for a Language B student is: " How does the culture that we grow up with influence the decisions that we make in our daily lives?"


CAS (Creativity/Action/Service): As a class, we will develop a project that will create a cultural connection with our community based on the IB prescribed themes.


Attendance:  IB requires an A/B Day schedule for the two years.


Grading:  Since we meet every other day, you will probably have fewer grades per marking period.  As a result, you need to do your best on every assignment.


For IB style assignments, we will use our school’s IB curve scale.  For all other assignments, I will use a points system.


                IB style assessments: (The points of these scores may vary.)

                Written tasks                                    50-100 points

                Listening comprehension            50-100 points

                Individual oral activities                50-100 points

                Interactive oral activities              20-50 points


                Other assessments: (The points of these scores may vary.)

  Quizzes                                               50 points            

 Tests/Projects                                  100 points

  Homework                                        10 points


Official IB Assessments: 

Junior Year:  There are no official assessments during Year One.  However, students will need to purchase a copy of the novel Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry by the end of October.


Senior Year: In parentheses is the weighting of each assessment for the final IB French Language B grade.

Individual Oral (25%): February 2020.

Paper 1 – Written task (25%): May 21, 2020

Paper 2 – Listening comprehension (25 points) and Reading comprehension (40 points) (50%): May 22, 2020



Homework will be assigned most days.  While learning a foreign language, it is very important to practice the language as often as possible.  Homework is to be completed upon entry to class and will be accepted late only with an excused absence note.  Homework may be graded for completeness or for accuracy.

  • Assignment is entirely done, legible and shows good effort - 100%
  • Assignment is half-finished and shows some effort - 50 %
  • Assignment is not complete, illegible and/or not finished on-time - 0


Students are responsible for any missed class work and notes during their absence.  They will have two days to complete the missing assignments and to take a quiz/test or the missing work/quiz/test will be scored as a 0.  Before or during their absence, students are strongly encouraged to e-mail me to receive their missed work.


Students are expected to produce their own original work.  An on-line translation agency (or similar service) may be used for translating a single word, not for translating or writing sentences and/or extensive phrases.  Work is to  

***When using an on-line dictionary, students are encouraged to use (Links to an external site.).


Tutoring is offered on Tuesday afternoons from 3:00-3:40 by appointment or during “B lunch” on Fridays.  Please check with me in advance and inform me what you would like to review.


I am looking forward to a great year ahead.  Please do not hesitate to contact me via email as needed. 



Madame Jones



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