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Welcome to American History at Piedmont High School.  I am looking forward to working with you to make this course a successful one.  This is a required course to graduate with a final exam (NCFE.)

Exploration and Colonization – We will begin the course by examining the early explorers and the colonization of North and South America.  Students will be able to describe the northern, southern, and middle colonies.

American Revolution and the Constitution – We will cover events leading up to the American Revolution.  We will also look at the war including tactics and weaponry. The formation of the Constitution will be the last topic that we will cover.

First Four Presidents (1789-1820) – This unit covers the 1st 4 presidents and the main events of the country during the critical period of the country. Some of the events include the Louisiana Purchase and the War of 1812.

Expansion and Reform (1801-1850) – This covers events leading up to the Civil War.  In this unit, we will see how the country begins the road to sectionalism, reforms such as education and abolition, and Manifest Destiny.

Civil War (1848-1865) – This unit looks at the causes, events, and effects of the Civil War.  Let me know if you do not want your child to watch this. 

Reconstruction (1865-1877) – This unit covers the social, political, and economics in the aftermath of the Civil War.

 Adhere to all UCPS and school rules and guidelines. Common offenses are listed below. The consequences area warning, a parent contact, a referral. Of course if the offense is severe, then you will be removed and referred.

Be in your assigned seats when the bell rings. This is how I take roll and you will have a warm up at the beginning of class and an exit ticket or another activity at the end of class. The last ten minutes we usually will have a current event activity.

Restrooms – School rule -  you are not allowed to go the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of class. Do not ask to go right before class. You are to be in your seats when the bell rings. 3 per six weeks. If you are failing, then you will not go.

Disruption (example; talking during individual work such as notetaking, video, or quiz. Yelling across the room) 3 strike rule. You are upperclassmen, act like it.

Supplies needed: 3 ring binder, colored pencils, #2 pencils, pen, and notebook paper. I will take up your notebook at the end of the semester for a grade!! Grade breakdown (Tests 50% and Classwork/Homework 50%). Assignments - due dates are enforced. You are responsible for your grade. IF YOU ARE ABSENT, THEN SEE ME AT THE BEGINNING OR END OF CLASS TO GET MAKE UP WORK. YOU HAVE THREE DAYS!!!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS LATE CLASSWORK IF YOU WERE PRESENT.

Videos: see the back side of this syllabus for an explanation of videos. By signing this, you give me permission to for your child to watch the videos.

Parents, I know you get a ton of paperwork but make sure your child understands the rules. I have noticed in the last couple of years the public use of inappropriate language (profanity, talk of sex, drugs, alcohol, etc). Not everyone, of course, but a few. This is not tolerated and is usually the most common offense in my class. All said though, this is an awesome school and I feel fortunate to be here.  Email me with any concerns.

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