Course Syllabus

Piedmont High School

Physical Education/Health

Guidelines and Policies


Introduction: Welcome to Physical Education & Health class! Please carefully review all of the information listed below and communicate any questions or concerns you have about the class with your instructor. Your awareness and compliance with the guidelines of this course syllabus will enhance your learning opportunity and increase the likelihood of your success in this class. This class is a requirement for graduation in the state of North Carolina.  Should you fail freshman Physical Education & Health class as a 9th grader, you must take the class again until you pass. 


Objective: Our main objective is for each student to be active as well as learn more about leading a healthy life.  We are not concerned with students being athletic superstars nor will students be graded based on how fast they can run. However, students will be expected to give 100% and improve during all fitness assessments.


Course Guidelines: Every student is responsible for daily attendance and daily preparation. This includes proper P.E. clothes on P.E. days and paper/pencil and notebook section on Health days.  Proper P.E. attire must be worn.  Shorts must have elastic waistbands, be fingertip length and must be worn at your waistline. Yoga pants, leggings, tights and other tight pants may not be worn.   Shirts must have sleeves.  Students must also have proper tennis shoes with an enclosed heel and you must wear socks.  Shoes must be laced and tied.  You must change clothes before and after class. You cannot wear the same clothes for P.E. that you wear for school.  Failure to comply with any and all of these guidelines will constitute points being deducted from your grade. If you have on inappropriate attire, you will be asked to change into your school clothes and you will be counted as not dressed out. Keeping our main physical education objective of being active in mind, only a doctor’s note will be accepted for not dressing out.  All other notes will not be excused.  If you are out of P.E. for an extended period of time because of a doctor’s note, you will have an alternative assignment in order to earn your grade.  If you have a doctor’s note, please make sure he/she is specific about any limitations you may have.


Grading Scale & Details:

  • A = 100- 90
  • B = 89-80
  • C = 79- 70
  • D = 69- 60
  • F = Below


You begin the class with a 100.  The first time you do not dress out your grade will drop to a 95.  You will lose 10 points each time you don’t dress out after that first time.  More than 5 unexcused days of not dressing out in P.E. will constitute failure for the six weeks regardless of what your skills test or health grade is.  P.E. grades will be determined by participation, attitude, effort, and dressing out properly.  You will run every day.  Failure to do so will result in point deduction.  Athletic contests or extracurricular activities do not give a student an acceptable excuse for not dressing out.  Examples could be but are not limited to football, volleyball, softball, baseball, basketball, cheerleading, band concerts, wrestling, or ROTC events.  Uniforms for any of these activities are not considered dressing out.

            Health grades will be determined by homework assignments, projects, quizzes/tests and

Course Summary:

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