Course Syllabus

Health & PE Rules & Expectations


Rules and expectations

  • Be respectful of your classmates
  • Be On Time
  • Dress out for class- appropriate PE attire
  • Girls- Shorts proper length(school policy), tights with t-shirt that covers, regular t-shirts only, sweat pants, Sneakers.
  • Boys- No cut off T-shirts.
  • You are responsible for health assignments on Canvas when absent.
  • Turn in assignments on Canvas.


Grading procedure

PE attire, Participation, effort, & conduct- 50%

Health assignments- 50%


Automatic PE grade deductions(per grading period)

1st non dress out- 10 points off total grade

2nd- 10 points

3rd- 10 points

4th- 10 points

5th- 10 points- failed marking period

Each occurrence accumulates points off your grade


Important Factors

*The overall expectation is that you dress out for PE class and participate to the best of your ability.

*Also, please note that Parent notes do not excuse you from class, only a doctor’s note.  With a doctor's note you may still be required to dress out and participate with modifications, or an alternate assignment will be given.

*If you have a long term physical condition, doctors notes will require activity modifications.

*Be sure to treat your fellow classmates with respect to help create a positive fitness environment.

*You are responsible and accountable your PE/Health grade.


PE Class phases


Moderate to vigorous physical activity will be practiced daily.

Skill participation-

Motor skills will be used regularly in class to perform and participate in the various games and activities in class

Student collaboration/problem solving skills.

Working with classmates in small and large groups to help encourage each other. Students teaching students and practicing good social groups.

Course Summary:

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