Course Syllabus

Contact & General Information / PRMS Map & General Information

Google Classroom Link to Block 1 ELA below.



ELA Grade 7/Basic Skills

Mr. Rodriguez


Contact wll be through email ONLY at this time.

Monday Office Hours: 9:00-11:00 & 1:00-3:00

Remote Instruction: Wednesday & Friday

Class Schedule:

Block 3 & Block 4: Tuesday (A-day) [75 minutes] & Thursday (B-day) [75 minutes]

Block 1 & Block 2: Wednesday [75 minutes] and Friday [75 minutes]


Lessons (ELA)

Lessons will go in the following order:

  1. Writing prompt: In the discussion section on Canvas, I will give you a writing prompt. Respond to each writing prompt in one sentence.
  2. Instruction: Watch the video posted on Canvas. Guided practice will take place at the end of each video.
  3. Guided Practice: Follow along with the video and complete questions or work as they are completed in each video.
  4. Independent/Assessment: This will be assigned on canvas.
  5. Skill Building


***UPDATED 04/21/2020***

- Assignments will be assigned on Canvas

- Assignments will include have directions, practice worksheets, and links needed for each assignment.

- If assignments are complete on a computer, I recommend saving them.

- If assignments are completed with paper and pencil, I recommend storing them in a folder to keep track of your own work.

-If you need help, message me on canvas and I can help you with questions you have.