Course Syllabus

Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies!  

Each day, I will post in the ANNOUNCEMENTS what we are doing.  If you are absent, please check there FIRST.  The same information will be on the calendar for our classroom. 

We will study 1400 AD-present day by topic in 7th grade Social Studies.  There are 6 units and 3 Common Assessments (these count as a test grade).  Each unit varies in time-some will be one week, others will be 3 weeks.

Tutoring-I offer Tutoring  weekday mornings 8-8:30am.  I will work with students on organizational issues, note taking, Social Studies content/skills, or they can come and make up missing work. Please let me know ahead of time if you are coming by 4pm the previous day.  Sometimes I have meetings.

 Students--You are required to get  your agenda signed to leave class. 

SUPPLIES-3 composition notebooks, 1 handheld pencil sharpener, 1 set of earbuds/cheap headphones

COUNSELOR REQUEST LINK-please fill this out if you need to see a school counselor.

These are my furbabies--BJ (Bartholomew James is 14!), Gigi is 6, Spock (the chiweenie) is 6 also.  


Course Summary:

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