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Physical Education/Health



Office Hours: Monday 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

 Phone #: (704)225-7555

Fax #: (704)226-9844


Online Schedule: Fourth Block is scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Fourth block is when P.E. is normally scheduled for your student.  Students can check in their, Assignments section, of Canvas on those mornings.  The activities shouldn't take more than forty minutes each day.  Beginning the week of May 4th, new learning standards began for all students.  Students are encouraged to stay engaged and participate in learning opportunities.  Student assignment submissions will be logged into Power School.   Assignments will be marked as complete, incomplete, or missing, for each student.  No submission of an assignment is graded, at this time.  Thank you for all you do!

Parents and students:  If you have any questions feel free to contact me by e-mail during the office hours listed above.  This time is specifically set aside for you each Monday.  I will try to answer any questions or concerns.  I will try to respond, as quickly as I can, to each of you.  Feel free to contact me by email any other time.  This is just the time that we have set aside specifically each week for you.  

This is unprecedented times and there will be many questions and concerns I don't have answers to at this time.  I will try my best, and thank you for all your help as we travel through our on-line learning.  

Physical Education Requirements

Physical Education Attire

Shirts and Shorts:

Students are required to wear the PRMS P.E. uniform. The cost of the uniform is $15.00. Students may wear appropriate sweatshirts and sweatpants (No writing across the seat of pants) during winter months. Physical education shirts must be worn under sweatshirts in order to receive credit.


Students must have rubber soled tennis shoes with enclosed backs. All sneakers must be LACED up and tied for class.

Grading Rubric

Point based each six week period:  400 total points.  

When in  P.E. and/or Health class students receive 10 points per day for a total of 300 points each six week period. They receive 40 points for the exercise log. Students will receive 60 points based on a physical fitness test required each six weeks. 

*Possible point deductions for P.E.(Listed as Participation in PAM): Not Dressed Out = 4 points; No Participation during class activity/skills =  4 points; Improper Execution of daily warm-up = 2 points.

*Possible point deductions for Health(Listed as Health in PAM):  Daily Health Journal/Warm-up = 2 points, Class Assignments/Participation/Quizzes = up to 8 points

The Health and Physical Education grade will be combined on the report card each grading period.

*Exercise Log (Listed as Homework in PAM):  Students must complete two weeks of exercise during each six week period.  They receive 20 points for each completed week of exercise.  This gives students a total of 40 points for the exercise log.

Exercise Logs are promoting a healthy active lifestyle outside of school.  Students must complete 120 minutes (2 hours) of exercise each week for two out of the six weeks of each grading period.  The log will account for 10% of a student's grade.  Exercise logs can be found in the student's agenda.  Extra copies can be printed from Pages, or this link.  They will be due before the end of each six week grading period.  The due date can be found on my Canvas page and on the whiteboard in the gym.  Parents must sign off on their student's log upon completion of each week of exercise.  Students will need to bring their agendas to P.E. class on the assigned due date.  They may turn in exercise logs up to three days after the due date for a 3 point deduction each day.

Exercise Log Turn In Dates for 1st Semester:

9/23/19  First Six Weeks;  11/4/19  Second Six Weeks;  12/16/19  Third Six Weeks

**Extra copies of the Exercise Log can be found under my Pages on this Canvas website.  Click on the link and download the form, then print your copy.  Thank you!

Conduct Grades

Outstanding = zero violations during the six week grading period; Satisfactory = 1-3 conduct violations; Needs Improvement = 4-5 conduct violations; Unsatisfactory  = 6 or more conduct violations

Conduct Violations: Tardiness to class, out of squad position when attendance is taken, talking during inappropriate periods, not following directions, horseplay/not following safety procedures after a warning.

Emergency Forms and Abstinence Forms

Please remember to return student forms as soon as possible.  It is important to have both forms.  Students cannot take the abstinence curriculum without parents turning in the form, even if you are allowing them to take it.  Thank you!

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