2019/2020 - Porter Ridge Middle School - Term 3

Course Syllabus

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Health Education



 Available Hours: 9:00 - 10:10 a.m.

 Phone #: (704)225-7555

Fax #: (704)226-9844



Health Requirements

Supply List:  Notebook/folder with pockets, paper, computer, pen/pencils

Wish List:  tissues for class, wipes for CPR mannequins, pencils


Grading is based on a point system.  Possible earned points for the six week grading period:  330 points

20 points per day:  5 points;  Class warm-up

                                          5 points;  Participation in class/groups

                                          10 points; class assignments/quizzes

The other 30 points are broken down for a CPR Test(20 points) and a Drug project(10 points).  The test and project and will done during class time. 

Total points for class grade:  330

CPR Test:  20 points

The CPR unit will be completed during class. It is important that students follow instruction, as this is a high school graduation requirement for them.  Students will not be able to graduate from high school without completing the CPR unit successfully.  The test is completed after several days of instruction and practice.  We teach students Hands-Only/Bystander CPR.  They will practice on mannequins and be tested during class time. 

Conduct Grades

Outstanding = zero violations during the six week grading period; Satisfactory = 1-3 conduct violations; Needs Improvement = 4-5 conduct violations; Unsatisfactory  = 6 or more conduct violations

Conduct Violations: Tardiness to class, out of seat when attendance is taken, talking during inappropriate periods, not following directions, horseplay/not following safety procedures after a warning.

Abstinence Forms

Please remember to return the student abstinence forms to Mrs. Rowell as soon as possible.  They came home in your summer mailing packet.  I will send home additional forms with all students whose forms I did not receive during the first few weeks of class.  It is important to have the form for participation in our abstinence curriculum. Thank you!







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