Course Syllabus







Course Description:

The course will allow the students to develop a Personal Total Body Fitness Program.  This program will be the basis for achieving their Lifetime Fitness Goals. The student will be introduced to the major muscle groups of the body and learn their names, locations, actions and how to train these muscles.  The course will promote the development of movement, skill, knowledge, self-image, fitness, personal and social growth. 


Student Outcomes:

The student will:

  1. Be able to instruct others in proper weightlifting techniques.
  2. Demonstrate proper spotting techniques for all lifts and exercises that require spotting.
  3. Develop a set of personal fitness goals
  4. Develop a work ethic that encourages accomplishment of stated fitness goals.
  5. Improve self image by achieving higher fitness levels
  6. Learn to function in a group setting
  7. Identify muscles used, their action and correct lifting techniques of assigned exercises
  8. Observe and analyze the lifting techniques of another person, or themselves on video
  9. Display safe and responsible behavior while training

Course Summary:

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