Course Syllabus

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Teacher: Ms. Lisa Hall, Room D105.  If you need to contact me, please email me:

Office Hours: Wednesday and Thursday during SMART lunch period.

Course Description: In this course, students will be encouraged to think critically about the business world.  The curriculum will stress the integration of and articulation with academics such as language arts, mathematics, and social studies; provide a foundation to support advanced study in business; enable students to acquire a broad understanding of and skills in marketing; enable students to understand and use technology to perform classroom activities; stress the importance of interpersonal skills in diverse societies; foster a realistic understanding of the business environment in which marketing activities are performed; foster an understanding and appreciation of business ethics; and utilize a variety of types of interactions with the business community.  This course will culminate with a final project where students will create a full-scale Marketing Plan for an actual business in the local community.

Final Exam: This course has a state final exam and is required for all students to take. The final exam will count as 25% of the students’ final grade.

Grading Scale: Weighted

Your grade for each six weeks will be based on homework/discussion posts (35%), tests (25%), and projects (40%).                                                            


Small 3-ring binder or comp book for classwork, notes, and assignments.  Also, an additional comp book for daily warm ups.

You will also need to acquire a book for our weekly “DEAR” reading sessions.  More information on that assignment and approved books to read will be discussed in class. 

General Expectations:

  1. Students are expected to ON TIME and to be prepared for class each day.
  2. Students are expected to bring their Chromebook and materials to class each day. CHROMEBOOKS MUST BE CHARGED!
  3. Students are expected to show respect and courtesy for themselves, one another, and their teacher. This includes paying attention, following directions, not talking when others are talking, and refraining from inappropriate and/or hurtful language. In addition, students should respect the school and our classroom and work to keep their area clean.
  4. Students are expected to follow all other rules set forth in the student handbook.

Classroom Procedures:

  1. Students should be ON TIME and in their assigned seat when the bell rings. Make sure to deposit your mobile phone in your assigned pocket on the wall. Students will immediately begin to work on their daily warm-up.
  2. During independent assignments or group activities early finishers will read a magazine or book, or work on other assignments. Students should always have something to work on! Students should not play games on their Chromebooks or watch movies – Chromebooks will be taken away if doing either of those.
  3. Students should remain in their seats until the bell rings. Students will not be dismissed from class until everyone is seated.

Classroom Policies:

  1. You must sign out/in and take a hall pass with you to the restroom. You may use the restroom during independent work and group activities, but not during direct instruction and whole-group discussions.
  2. Cellphone use is not permitted in class. Students will be asked to store their cellphones in a safe, visible place during my class. Cellphones that are used during class will be taken to the front office for a parent to pick up.

Policies for classwork, projects, and Make-up Work:

  • All classwork should be completed during class time; if not, then it becomes homework.
  • Upon returning to school following an absence, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to request make-up work. Students have two days for each day absent to submit make-up work or you will receive a zero. If you are absent on the day that an assignment/project is due, the assignment/project will be turned in on the day you return to school or the project will be considered late.
  • Make-up tests and quizzes must be completed within three days of your return from an absence.


Course Summary:

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