Course Syllabus

Health & PE Course Syllabus


Mission: To motivate students to participate in a regular lifelong personal fitness program and encourage responsible health decisions.


Course:                                   Health and P.E.

Instructors:                            Jeremy Heinze, Kevin Mack, Kailyn Lockie, Britt Leggett

Contact Information:            Marvin Ridge High School, 704-290-1520







Course Requirements:         

1. Marvin Ridge P.E. Uniform

  1. One 3 Ring Binder
  2. Dividers for 3 Ring Binder- 4 Total
  3. Chrome Notebook
  4. Colored Pencils and Markers


Course Content: Students will be taught the North Carolina Healthful Living Common Core Essential Standards.


Health Content: The five essential health standards that will be addressed:


1st Grading Period:     Nutrition and Physical Activity (NPA)

                                                  Personal and Consumer Health (PCH)


              2nd Grading Period:   Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)


              3rd Grading Period:    Mental and Emotional Health (MEH)

                                                  Interpersonal Communications and Relationships (ICR)


Physical Education Content: The four essential physical education standards that will be addressed are:

  1. Health-Related Fitness (HF)
  2. Movement Concepts (MC)
  3. Motor Skills (MS)
  4. Personal and Social Responsibility (PR)


Classroom Assignment Expectations

All projects and assignments are to be completed on time to receive credit. Late assignments will not be accepted. There are specific rubrics for presentations and projects that must be followed in order to receive full credit. If absent the day a project or your menu layers are due, your assignments are due the day you return. No extra time will be given to assignments that have been assigned.


Grading: Each grading period students will spend approximately 15 days studying Health content and participate in approximately 15 days of Physical Education. A Student’s final grade will be calculated based on the total number of points earned in P.E. and Health. At the end of the semester there will be  a final exam that is worth 25% of the semester grade.

  Physical Education:                                                                         375 points per grading period

Total Points Possible Per Day                      25 points

MRHS PE Uniform                            3 points

Daily Warm-Up                                  3 points

Daily Physical Activity                      15 points

Following Procedures                         4 points           


Health:                                                                                               375 points per grading period

Health Menu:                                                  250 points

Notebook Check:                                            25 points

3 week Unit Test:                                            25 points

Following Classroom Procedures                   75 points/5 points per day


Total Possible Points for the Course

Health:                                                            375 points

Physical Education:                                        375 points

Total Points Possible:                                    750 points


Course Summary:

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