Course Syllabus

English II-E229


  • Teachers: Ms. Dickerson, Ms. Brent (A day), Ms. Gourley (B day)


Students will regularly use the following:

  • Writing utensils (pen or pencil)
  • Notebook paper
  • A binder with at least three dividers to carry supplies
  • Boxes of tissue are always helpful!
  • You are not required to buy any books for this course--you may bring a copy of Night if you want to take notes in your own book

Daily Expectations

  • Come into class and prepare-turn in phone, grab any handouts needed, find your seat, and get out needed supplies
  • Limit talking to partner/group work; be quiet when you hear the bell and doorbell
  • Stay in your seat
  • Wait until work time to go to the bathroom—do not be late to class because you are in the bathroom; I will count you tardy
  • Be respectful to the teacher and to your peers

Curriculum Overview

We will cover many standards/skills this semester in relation to fiction, non-fiction, poetry, writing, speaking, and listening.  These skills are the same skills covered in the 9th grade, but we will be using a variety of different texts (at a higher level) to continue practicing and perfecting those skills.  Your understanding of these skills were assessed using a NC made Final Exam in English I and will be assessed in June with an EOC. This exam score will count as 25% of your overall grade for this class.

Literature Covered

    • Various short stories, non-fiction, and poems

  • Oedipus Rex by Sophocles 


    • Shakespeare

  • Night by Elie Wiesel


Other resources used

  • We will be using Actively Learn throughout the semester to help increase reading skills

Turned in Work Policy

Homework and classwork in this class will include: reading, answering questions, writing essays, vocabulary practice, projects, etc.  Assignments that are categorized as homework cannot be turned in late. Projects and heavily weighted assignments will be taken late (must be in the following week) but points will be deducted for each day it is not turned in.

Cell Phone Policy

Phones should be silenced/off and in the assigned cell phone pocket by the time class begins.  If I see a phone in class, it will go directly to the front office. 

Free Choice Reading

We will be incorporating reading books of your choosing into the semester.  You will be required to check out a book from the media center or bring a book from home.  There will be one project due per marking period-based on whatever book you read during that time frame.  This means you might have to do some reading outside of school to make sure you finish reading the entire book.  I do monitor who is reading during provided class time, and points will be deducted on project grades for those who choose not to be on task.

Course Summary:

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