Course Syllabus

English I Honors


Taylor Dickerson


(704) 290 - 1520


Class Location


Required Texts

Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck

Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare

The Odyssey, Homer

Course Materials

We will use the following supplies regularly in class:

  • Pens/pencils
  • Loose leaf paper
  • Notebook/folder for keeping handouts
  • Boxes of tissues are always nice to have!

Curriculum Overview

We will cover many standards/skills this semester from the Common Core Curriculum.  These skills are for 9th and 10th grade English classes.  Your understanding of these skills were/will be assessed using a NC made Final Exam in English 9 and an EOC at the end of English 10.  This 9th grade exam score will count as 25% of your overall grade for this class. In order to practice these skills, we will read various non-fiction texts, poems, short stories, and the required fiction pieces above.


Daily Expectations

  1. Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion and on time
  2. Place cell phone in the assigned cell phone pocket
  3. Retrieve required supplies
  4. Be in your seat and working on the bell ringer/warm-up when class begins

Class will start with a warm-up and then move into the literature or writing we are covering that day.  We will end class with reading time. You will be expected to read multiple books (of your choice) during the semester and respond to them in various projects.  There will be times we go to the media center to find books, but you are welcome to find books on your own and bring them in.


Bathroom Policy

If you are early to class, go to the bathroom before class begins.  Do not come into class, grab the pass, and expect me to let you in late. Individual work time is the best time to take a bathroom break.  Only one person is allowed out at a time, and you must sign out/back in.


Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones will be collected in the assigned pockets every day.  It is my expectation that you put your cell phone in the pocket upon entering the classroom.  If you do not put your phone in the pocket, or you use a fake phone, and I see you with it during class, I will refer you to an administrator in addition to taking your phone to the front office.


Homework Policy

Handouts/practice that are given as homework are not accepted late.  If you do not have the homework the day it is due, you will receive a zero. Most assigned homework will be completing work that was not finished during the given class time, reading, or larger projects.

  • Finishing classwork: make sure to bring it in and turn it in to me the next morning.  It is due even if I don’t specifically call for it to be turned in.
  • Reading:  your reading homework will be checked by a reading check.  This will contain 5-15 questions about the assigned reading.
  • Larger projects:  projects will be collected late and result in points off for each day it is late.  The points will be subtracted from the grade you earn not from a 100%.
  • Actively Learn: You will be required to choose an article from the online program Actively Learn each week.  I will check that you have spent time reading that article and working through the questions.


Course Summary:

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