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Tutoring Days:           Mornings--Mondays


Please let me know in advance when your child is coming so I will be prepared! Thanks!!

If these days don't suit, then let me know so we can work out a time beneficial for all of us. We can figure it out!


NCFE Study Guide--for Jan. 14

Since the Social Studies NCFE has over 800 years of history, global geographic data about migrations, populations, diseases, and natural disasters, economics, the basis of governments and civics, as well as global culture, my suggestion for the best way to review for the NCFE (since it is basically a reading test) is to review the vocabulary we've covered (Running Vocab List 19-20Link (Links to an external site.)) and the study guides for unit tests the students have had this year (Units 2-3 Link (Links to an external site.) ) (Unit 4 Link (Links to an external site.)) and Unit 6 Link.


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