Course Syllabus

Honors Accounting 1





Course Description


This course is designed to help students understand the basic principles of the accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on the analysis and recording of business transactions; preparation and interpretation of financial statements; accounting systems; banking and payroll activities; basic types of business ownership; and an accounting career orientation


Required Materials Needed for Course


Headphones or ear buds; 3 Ring Binder; Calculator


Course Competencies


  1. The Accounting Cycle

∙ Understand the purpose and tools of accounting 

∙ Understand accounting professionalism 

∙ Understand fundamental accounting concepts


  1. Banking, Payroll, and Specialized Accounting Procedures

∙ Apply accounting procedures for journal entries

∙ Apply accounting procedures to perform banking and payroll activities

∙ Apply accounting procedures to perform selected specialized accounting    activities








The goal of this classroom is to provide a positive, productive and effective learning environment, while encouraging interaction and independence among students. In order to facilitate this process, students should expect from themselves the following behaviors:


 I will respect my teacher, my classmates and myself

I will arrive to class on time and with a positive attitude

I will bring all necessary materials needed to do my work

I will not use cellphones during class

I will not eat or drink in the classroom 

 (water is ok at desk only  -  not by computers)

I will follow all classroom rules

I will put forth my best effort at all times

I will not access game or music web sites on the computer 



An “offense” is an action of choice which contradicts any one of the above stated expectations. Offenses will be enforced with the following consequences:


1st offense - warning

2nd offense - (or 1st serious offense) - call parent and/or detention

3rd offense - (or 2nd serious offense) - office referral







Grades will be made up of classwork, daily reviews, quizzes and tests. Test and quiz dates will be given to students at least 2 days prior to the test/quiz and will be displayed on the classroom board and in Canvas. 

Test make ups will be allowed up to one week following a test. Make up exams will be given during Smart Lunch period on Tuesdays. 


The course grade is based on the following:

Tests:   35% 

Quizzes:  25%  

Classwork: 20%

Homework: 20%


            First 6-week grading period                        25%

            Second 6-week grading period                   25%

            Third 6-week grading period                       25%

            Final exam (cannot be exempted)             25%


            A   =   100-90

            B   =   89-80

            C   =   79-70

            D   =   69-60  

            F   =   59 and below


Attendance Policy


The attendance policy, as well as other policies outlined in the Marvin Ridge High School Student Handbook will be followed.  A student will fail the class if he/she has more than 7 absences.



If a student is late to class, he/she will go to the Student Management Center (SMC) for a pass to class. 




If a project contains profanity, sexual inappropriateness, illegal activity, etc., it will result in an out of school suspension of two days and a zero on the project.



Course Summary:

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