Course Syllabus

The students will perform a Holiday concert in December and a spring concert in May.  Some of the students will be preparing for All-District Band and Solo and Ensemble.  They will also be preparing for the North Carolina Music Performance Adjudication (MPA) in March.  The students will continue the progression through the intermediate stages of musical concepts.  The 8th graders will be continuing with their positive attitude, commitment, strong work ethic, and self-discipline as well as preparing to continue in the high school marching and concert bands.
The learner will develop skills in music: rhythm, aural, performance, and reading.
The learner will develop their knowledge of the history, literature, and terminology of music.
●  Understand musical form and elementary harmonic principles.
●  Read musical examples at sight.
●  Understand rhythms found in literature studied.
●  Tune individual instruments.
●  Perform twelve major scales and arpeggios: one or two octaves
depending on the instrument.
●  Perform the chromatic scale in one or two octave ranges.
●  Perform twelve drum rudiments.
●  Understand intervals.
●  Develop a repertoire of performance music appropriate for instruments.
●  Understand terms found in literature studied.
●  Understand music theory in more detail.
●  Apply basic concepts of tone production.
●  Perform tonic arpeggios.
●  Perform solo, duet, and/or small ensemble.
●  Understand different styles and articulations in music.
●  Develop breath support and embouchure.
●  Understand technique and pitch discrimination needed for tuning instruments.
Upon completion of their 8th grade year, the students will then be evaluated and recommended to join the Porter Ridge High School Band.  They will be expected to complete all 12 major scales and/or 12 rudiments as well as the chromatic scale before being able to enter the high school level band.

Course Summary:

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