Course Syllabus

The students will be preparing for a Holiday concert in December and a spring concert in May.  They will also be working toward their performance for the North Carolina State Music Performance Adjudication (MPA) in March.  The students will be offered the opportunity to audition for the All-District Band in January.  We will be developing our basic musical skills into a more intermediate level.  The 7​th graders will be working towards a positive attitude, commitment, strong work ethic, and self-discipline.
The learner will develop skills in music: rhythm, aural, performance, and reading.
The learner will develop their knowledge of music terminology.
●  Understand beat units in addition to the quarter note.
●  Understand technique between concert pitch and notated pitch on transposing instruments.
●  Perform eight major scales and arpeggios in one octave.
●  Perform the chromatic scale in a one-octave range.
●  Perform eight drum rudiments.
●  Understand the continuation of music theory.
●  Understand lip slurs (brass).
●  Understand articulation concepts.
●  Sight-read appropriate musical examples.
●  Understand terms in literature studied.
●  Understand technique and pitch discrimination needed for tuning instruments.
●  Apply basic concepts of tone production.
Upon completion of their 7th grade year, students will be able to perform 8 of the 12 major scales
and/or rudiments and the chromatic scale one octave.  These scales will be a prerequisite to continue to the 8th grade level of band.

Course Summary:

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