Course Syllabus

The students will be preparing for a winter concert in December and a spring
concert in May.  The year will consist of learning the basic fundamentals of
instrumental music to prepare for the upcoming years in band.  We will also
be working towards a positive attitude, commitment, a strong work ethic,
and self-discipline.
The learner will develop skills in music: rhythm, aural, and performance.
The learner will develop their knowledge of music terminology.
●  Understand rhythms in literature studied.
●  Understand musical terms in literature studied.
●  Understand the quarter note beat unit.
●  Understand basic music theory.
●  Understand lip slurs on brass instruments.
●  Sight - read appropriate musical examples.
●  Perform four major scales in one octave.
●  Perform four drum rudiments.
Upon completion of their 6th grade year, the students will be able to perform 4 of the 12 major scales and/or rudiments.  These scales will be a prerequisite to continue to the 7th grade level of band.

Course Summary:

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