Course Syllabus

6th Grade Syllabus                    

 Units of Study:

  • Vocal & Dramatic Terms
  • Playwriting
  • 10-Minute Short Plays/Monologues
  • Vocal Health and Technique
  • Singing in Unison & 2-Part Harmony
  • Theatre & Music History
  • Broadway/Musical Theatre

                  Assessment and Grading

  • Participation    40%
  • Tests/Quizzes    20%
  • Projects/Assignments    30%
  • Warm-ups   10% Class Expectations

Class Expectations:

  • Be on time for class. 
  • Participation is an essential part of the class.
  • Be prepared, have all required materials ready.
  • Listen carefully and follow instructions.
  • Respect yourself, each other, respect the work, respect the process, and respect the teacher/director. This includes being respectful of times when students are acting or presenting a project. 
  • Students are expected to listen and be a good audience.  This means no side conversations or head-phones in class.   No food, drinks or gum. Throw trash in the trash can. Put away all props, costumes, and resources used for class performances.
  • Keep the Drama related to class—
  • Complete all assigned projects and homework


BRIDGET.BURROWS@UCPS.K12.NC.US / (704) 225-7555

Materials Needed for this Course:

  •  Separate 1” binder for class notes,  Handouts, sheet music and scripts.
  •      Set of dividers (5 tabs)
  •      Student Laptops
  •      Loose-leaf paper      Pencil/Pen

In this Course We will Focus on:

  • enhancing self-awareness and  self-confidence inspiring creative expression
  • improving focus and maintaining concentration enriching communication skills and social interaction developing physical and vocal expression using drama & music to
  •        promote and cultivate reading, writing, speaking and singing deepening understanding of human behavior within the context of drama and music
  • promoting cultural understanding
  • acquiring historical perspective by exploring different periods and styles of theatre & music.

Course Summary:

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