Course Syllabus


POWER POINT from Open House

Welcome  to Cuthbertson  Middle School Physical Education Program!  We are happy to have you in our class. The goal of CMS Physical Education program is to shape positive attitudes towards fitness, achievement, teamwork and student responsibility.  Maximum participation is necessary, expected and revered as a foundation for fitness goals and the acquisition of knowledge and skills.  


  •   A Cuthbertson PE uniform.  During colder months, students may wear a sweatshirt if class is being held outdoors AND/OR blue sweatpants (uniform can be purchased at the school store for $20.00)
  •   Sneakers (No flip-flops, slip on shoes, sandals, loafers or boots of any kind)
  •  Deodorant (No aerosol sprays)


  •   All students participate (dressed out or not).  Dressing out means changing into CMS PE uniform for class and dressing back into school clothes after class. If you have on tennis shoes and no gym uniform you will still participate.
  •  A parent note may allow for a modified PE lesson.  HOWEVER, student must still dress out for class.  Student is allowed a parent note for TWO days, after which a doctors’ note is required. 
  •  A doctor’s note may excuse the student from dressing out and/or participating.  

The note should include what the student may or may not do and for how long they are restricted from PE.  In the event the restriction is for longer than 2 weeks, the student will be given an alternate assignment in the media center.  This assignment must be completed and returned to the PE teacher upon completion.


Grades will be determined by student participation, dressing out, attitude, skill development, fair play and sportsmanship.  Grades are broken into five parts:  participation (40%), preparation (20%), PACER test (20%), exercise log (10%) and quiz (10%).

Participation- Each student starts with 100 points, they are deducted as follows:

  •         5 points: no participation in class activity, removal from activity due to behavior, removal from class by administrator due to behavior
  •         5 points: flip flops or inappropriate foot wear (not able to participate in class)
  •         2 points: poor effort or attitude, not following teacher directions, disrupting class
  •         2 points: tardiness.  Students must be in the gym, dressed for class, 5 minutes after the official start of their block.  After 3 tardies, a parent contact will be made and the student will receive lunch detention for all subsequent tardies. 

Preparation- Each child will start with 25 points, they are deducted as follows:

  •         5 points: no uniform or missing uniform parts.  Each student must have both CMS shirt AND shorts!! (no partial credit)

Exercise Log-100 points.  Exercise Logs are posted on Canvas Page and GOOGLE DOCS every 6 weeks.  There is an exercise log due every 6 weeks, due dates are posted on the Canvas Page as well as in the gym and on the exercise log itself

PACER TEST-100 points.  Students will be graded on their own personal growth/percentage of improvement. Must meet their benchmark each time they run (benchmark is one more then the last time they ran)

Quiz- Points are determined by the teacher.  A study guide is posted on Canvas each 6 weeks containing the units we did that quarter.

Course Summary:

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