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Monroe High School

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Advanced Physical Education

Team Sports

Course Syllabus 2018-2019


Vision: The stakeholders in the success of Monroe High School will create an atmosphere of high expectations and accountability for improvement in all areas of student achievement.  


Instructor: TJ Morgan, MS, LAT, ATC, PES, XPS, EMT

Salisbury State University, BS

West Virginia University, MS

Class Meeting Time:  Block 4

Class Meeting Location: Old Gym

Plan/Prep Block: Block 1

Student Assistance: Before School, during plan period, or after school between 3-3:30pm.

Office Location: PE Locker room Office


Course Description

This course is designed to elicit opportunities to advance individual skill levels, sport strategies and concepts in a variety of team sports.   Students will also be guided through a program that will improve their personal fitness level which will aid in developing their individual skills.  This course will require a high level of physical activity and physical effort during the entire class period on a daily basis throughout the semester.  In this course your grade will be based on your daily effort, ability to comply with the PE requirements, the extent of your growth in your level of skills and fitness, and growth in learning and applying cognitive concepts of sport and fitness.

Course Information:  Students will gain advanced skills, knowledge and understanding of a variety of team sports.  This course will include instruction in fundamental skills, game rules, history, tournament designs, and officiating procedures for each sport.  Sportsmanship and fair play will be an emphasis in this course and students will be graded daily in this area.  It is the goal of the instructor to help the students gain an appreciation for this knowledge and utilize it to live long, healthy, and productive lives.  Student growth in physical fitness, cognitive content, and improved skill levels will be assessed periodically throughout the semester.


Course Objectives:

  • Demonstrate the ability to perform proper skill technique for each sport.
  • Be able to describe specific rules for each sport/activity.
  • Be able to explain concepts and strategies involved in each sport.
  • Apply and demonstrate safety practices for participation in each sport.
  • Describe the system of scoring and officiating for each sport.
  • Perform appropriate warm up and cool down exercises for each sport.
  • Demonstrate good social conduct, sportsmanship and fair play each day.
  • Identify the health related components of fitness enhanced by participation in each sport.
  • Understand various types of tournament brackets, know how to set them up and how they work.

NC Physical Education Course Standards

Essential Standard 1: Apply competent motor skills and movement patterns needed to perform a variety of physical activities.

Essential Standard 2: Understand concepts, principles, strategies and tactics that apply to the learning and performance of movement

Essential Standard 3: Understand the importance of achieving and maintaining a health-enhancing level of physical fitness

Essential Standard 4: Use behavioral strategies that are responsible and enhance respect of self and others and value activity.

Procedures and Expectations for Student Performance and Participation


Dress Out requirements:

All students are required to dress out for every class.  Students will have a daily homework assignment, which includes bringing a full set of PE “dress out” clothes to class.  School policy will be enforced and failure to do homework assignments will result in lunch detention.

  • Dressing out consists of wearing a crew neck T-shirt(polo shirts are acceptable), athletic shorts, socks and athletic shoes.  Warm ups and cotton sweat shirts/pants are also acceptable PE attire. Warm-ups and sweat clothing are strongly encouraged during the cooler months.  Students are considered NOT dressed out if they are missing ANY of the required dress out clothing AND will have points deducted from their grade for that day.  Students who do not have a Dr.s note and are not dressed out, WILL be required to participate in the workout in accordance with the teacher’s instructions.  The form of participation will depend upon what is being covered during the lesson with the student receiving clear instructions from the teacher. Failure to comply with the teacher’s instructions will result in administrative removal of the student from the classroom. This rule will be strictly enforced for the welfare of the student as well as liability reasons for the school.
  • All items must meet the school dress code requirements.   It is important to understand that a complete change of clothes is necessary for class.  BE PREPARED TO DRESS OUT FOR CLASS EVERY DAY DURING THE SEMESTER.  

Please help us encourage your child to remember his/her physical education clothes daily.  We understand that from time to time a student may forget his/her clothes. We urge students to keep an extra set of PE clothes in their hall locker for backup purposes.


Dress out Policy Penalties: 

All students MUST dress out in required physical education clothes as described above.   Point deductions will result if they are not completely dressed out for class.  


Behavior Consequences:

1st offense non dress - warning and loss of points, parent contact

2nd offense non dress - loss of points, parent contact, detention

3rd offense non dress or more - loss of points, parent contact, counselor/administrative intervention.


Students will be evaluated on a daily basis encompassing those areas mentioned above and the student’s effort and responsibility of participating fully on an everyday basis.  Factors included are attendance, quizzes, preparedness, participation, skill improvement, homework, self-evaluation, written assignments, skill tests, and final examination.

The Physical Education Department will follow the school policy on academic dishonesty.


Grade Breakdown For daily grade

80% - Daily Participation, Effort, Dress

20% - Test, Quizzes, Assignments, Homework, Folder

For every Class there are 10 possible points:

Rubric for daily grade in preparation, responsibility, and participation:

4 points              Fully Dressed

1 point                Arrived promptly from the locker room and sat in the designated spot in their


2 points              Participated in warm-up and cool-down, demonstrated high

                           Performance in skill-related drills or activities.

2 points              Performed at a high activity rate and exhibited enthusiasm during game play

or major activities.

1 point                Exhibited good sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork during class.


Failure to achieve any of the above items will result in reduction or forfeiture of the points listed for each category.  Disruptive behavior or behavior that is disrespectful will result in an automatic zero for the day.

Non-Participation policy: Students must have a change of clothes in order to receive FULL credit in physical education.  Those students with clothing other than the Meade uniform will not be able to achieve full credit for the daily grade. It is expected that all apparel should have “MEADE” printed on it, however, instructors may grant exceptions due to laundering.


Grade Consequences:


  • 10 pts – students who are not dressed out in appropriate PE clothes and/or refuse to participate in all class assignments.  
  • 5 pts for disciplinary action during a class period (disrespect toward teacher or classmates, profanity, referral, disruption of class)
  • 2 pts each non-compliance of rules (touching equipment without permission, not in exercise position, not following instructions, etc.)


    • repeated non-compliance will result in referral to office(- 5 pts).

Non-Dressing Policy:  Students are expected to dress out every day in Team Sports.  Failure to do will result in the following consequences:

1st offense                  Letter home

2nd offense                 Counselor Meeting

3rd offense                  Referral to Administrator

4th offense                  Referral to Administrator and detention

5th offense                  Referral to Administrator and Saturday school

6th offense                  Referral to Administrator and Suspension


IMPORTANT Dress out Procedures

Students will be given 10 minutes to dress out immediately after roll call.  Once the student has changed into their PE clothes, they must report to their designated exercise position in the gym and sit down.

Students WILL NOT be allowed back into the locker rooms once the teacher has locked the doors at the end of the dress out time. They will be allowed to enter the locker room only during the last 10 minutes of class to dress back into their school clothes.  Students must take care of their restroom needs prior to leaving the locker room during dress out time or at the end of the class during the dress in time.


Students who must leave early during class and have an early release form must still dress out if they are going to be present for at least half of the class period.  Because students ARE NOT allowed to go back into the locker room during the class period, they MUST take all of their possessions with them during class and will be released with ample amount of time to change in the nearest restroom.  Students who need to leave class early, must take a parent/guardian note to the attendance office to get an early release form at the beginning of the school day. This early release form must be shown to their teacher during roll call of that class.     


Participation requirements:

All students are required to dress out in approved PE clothes every day and participate the entire class period.  If a student has a medical reason for not participating in physical education, the student must have a note from the doctor.   Doctor’s notes:  It is very important for students to bring in doctor’s note if they cannot participate in class for medical reasons that day.  Students bringing a doctor’s excuse may be required to complete a written assignment related to the activities/concepts being taught in class.  If the student is going to be out for an extended period of time, they will be required to complete a written assignment each day that will count as their daily participation grade.  Please ask your doctor for at least two copies(one for office, one for teacher) of their excuse note with the dates included that you are not to participate, or are to participate on a restricted basis.   It would be a good idea to have a third for your records.


Locks and Lockers:

Students are encouraged to bring in their own lock to secure their possessions in their gym locker during class.  Students must remove their lock at the end of that class daily. Any locks remaining on a locker at the end of the day will be cut off and will not be replaced.  

Although the locker rooms are secured during class, the lock provides additional security for the student’s property.  WE STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT STUDENTS NOT BRING VALUABLE ITEMS DOWN TO THE GYM AREA.   

Important Behavior Expectations:

  • All students must be in their roll call position when the tardy bell rings.
  • All students must dress out in appropriate physical education clothes as describe in this syllabus each day.
  • No food, gum or drinks are allowed in the gym, activity areas, or locker rooms. It will be confiscated.  (Students may bring bottled water only to class.)
  • Students are to report directly to their assigned exercise position once they have changed into their PE clothes.
  • No horseplay, wrestling, climbing on mats or other equipment will be tolerated.
  • Show respect for school property.
  • Students are to show respect for their peers and teachers at all times.
  • Students are NOT permitted to touch any equipment until instructed to do so by the teacher.
  • Jewelry such as long necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, etc. are not permitted due to safety reasons.
  • NO cell phones are permitted in the gym, locker room or activity areas.  All electronic devices should be safely put away upon entering the gym for class.
  • Electronic devices are prohibited in class and will be confiscated.
  • At the end of the class, students will dress in and wait in the old gym for the dismissal bell.
  • All students must strive to do their very best at all times in this course. ALWAYS GIVE 100% EFFORT!


Failure to comply with these classroom procedures will result in consequences listed under the “Grade Consequences” section.


Attendance/Administrative Procedures:  Students are expected to come to class regularly and to be punctual.  If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to come to the teacher for his/her make up assignments.  Students are expected to comply with both school and posted classroom rules. Please be aware of the tardy policy.


Grading System

  • Dressing Out and Participation 70%                  
  • Daily Performance 20%
  • Progress Assessment/ Test 10%
  • Final Exam 25%(overall)

Return this page to your teacher with signatures and current contact information.


Monroe High School Advanced Physical Education Team Sports

Course Syllabus 2018-19


Dear Parent/Guardian,

I am looking forward to teaching your son/daughter this semester.  My goal is to help your child be successful in obtaining the knowledge of the curriculum as well as the physical benefits gained by daily physical activity.  Please feel free to call me if you have any questions about the information in this syllabus. 704-296-3130


I have read and fully understand the guidelines and rules of this course and will give 100% effort to comply with them.  I also fully understand the consequences of non-compliance.

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*Return this page with both signatures for a homework grade.

*This is a classwork assignment which and is required to be returned by Fri., Feb 1.

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