Course Syllabus

Global Awareness

Piedmont HS

Mrs. Coggin

Contact info: Best Way


According to UCPS program of studies:

Global Awareness – Honors This course is a combination of geography, current events and globalization. Students will study current issues facing different countries and brainstorm sustainable solutions throughout the course. A critical component is to have students correspond and do joint projects with students in other countries through a variety of mediums.


In order to make our exploration a success we will be utilizing a variety of techniques including discussion, debate, research, presentations, as well as, traditional quizzes, lecture and homework assignments. 


The grading for this course will follow the scale outlined in the student handbook:

A = 90-100

B=  80-89

C= 70-79

D= 60-69

F= 0-59        


Grades: I grade based on a point system, there is no weighting of any assignment. A test will be out of 100 points and classwork and quizzes will be out of how many questions they have on them. This makes grading easier and is better for your grade also. However realize that just passing tests will not allow you to pass this course. 


Materials: It is important for students to come prepared.  This is a list of supplies students will need on a daily basis:

  1. Headphones that work in the school laptops

2) Pen (blue or black)

3) Paper

4) Binder or folder

5) Fully charged UCPS chromebook

6) Colored pencils



Please refer to Union County Public Schools Late Work Policy for absences.  Assignment due dates will be given during class. It is important to turn in your work on time to maintain a passing grade for the course.


Being in class is crucial to success in any course.  Especially since you can exempt this exam!!!! You can exempt with an A & 2 unexcused absences (parent notes do not count as excused this year) or a B and 1 unexcused absence. Because it is important for you, the student, to be present the following attendance policy will be enforced in this class:

  1. A student must be in class for 75 minutes to be counted present for the class period.
  2. Arriving late will be considered tardy.  (Refer to the school-wide tardy policy below.)

Tardy Definition: Students are considered tardy to class if they are not inside the classroom or designated area by the time the bell has completed ringing.


Restroom Policy

Students may use the restroom at appropriate class time.  The student is responsible for filling out their pass. This includes date, time, and destination.  The teacher will then sign the pass with the expectation that the student uses the closest restroom.


Ways to Avoid Annoying the Teacher

  1. DO NOT ask to change the temperature of the classroom.  This is regulated by Downtown.
  2. DO NOT ask what you missed the day before during class.  Come before or after school to discuss make-up work.
  3. DO NOT ask to use the restroom in the middle of a discussion. Wait for an appropriate time to use the restroom, like during independent work, for example.
  4. DO NOT waste class time.  Homework is assigned only when it is not completed during time provided.
  5. DO NOT CHEAT!!!! We will discuss further what this means. 
  6. DO NOT pack up before I give you permission.  
  7. DO NOT leave the room a mess. Please pick-up after yourself.
  8. DO NOT ask to go to another teachers classroom.
  9. DO NOT stand at the door and wait for the bell. Stay at your seat or area until it rings.



bring your best attitude and behavior, 


show respect to your teacher and classmates

Course Summary:

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