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Welcome to Chinese 1

CHS Fall 2018

This is a great time to be studying Mandarin Chinese, the most widely spoken language in the world!  The goal of our program is to help students build a solid foundation for communicative and cultural competence. 

About Me:
 I have been interested in China since I was in elementary school, and my bachelor’s degree is in Social Science with emphases in geography and Asian studies.  I began studying the Chinese language while teaching English conversation to college students in Taiwan, and I continued my language studies with graduate coursework in Chinese language, history and culture at the University of California, Santa Barbara.  I also served as a Chinese teaching assistant at UCSB for close to three years.  More recently, I stayed home to focus on raising my son and then pursued a Master's degree in teaching English as a Second Language and North Carolina teacher certification in both ESL and Chinese K-12.  This is my fifth year teaching at UCPS. 


Shannon Du 

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