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Classroom Guidelines for English II


       In order to make it through 10th grade you must read and write well (Prepare for state EOC).  This year in English II, we will be focusing on these skills by reading several large pieces of literature, short stories, poems, and concentrating on writing and correct mechanics; we will build on past knowledge and skills to better prepare you for the EOC and your future at Piedmont High School and beyond. We will also focus on research skills which will be essential for your remaining English and perhaps other classes here at Piedmont and thereafter.


Grading System

         It is very important to turn in all assignments and to regularly come to class ready to work.  A zero can be detrimental to a grade. Grades will be collected from the following areas:



             Daily Grade (ClassWork and Homework)           

             Projects /Writing Assignments                                                  





       One word: YES!  On a typical week, you should expect homework Monday through Thursday.  Friday work will be assigned only if necessary. When homework is not specifically assigned, it will be important for you to work on a long term project, read on your own, or study our current vocabulary, grammar, etc.. If we are not getting the material covered in class due to distractions or behavior issues it will be necessary to complete the curriculum more at home. Make life easy on yourself and come prepared to work and listen.


Late Work

Two words: Avoid this!!   I do NOT accept late work. Your future bosses will not accept late or incomplete work.  Only in extreme emergency situations will late work be accepted. An emergency does not constitute a computer or printer problem when a typed paper is due.  Make sure you finish your work early to avoid computer problems and get to our media center during their available hours to print your work. 


Hall Passes

       Emergency situations only!   When a restroom break is necessary, you will sign out at the sheet by the door and will use one of the 6 hall passes you will be given for the six weeks.  Once you have exhausted your passes you will need to have a discussion with me and likely administration about excessive use of the restroom. No student is permitted to leave the class during the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes (school policy). If you abuse the policy or are not where you are supposed to be with a given pass, a referral to administration to discuss restroom use will be necessary. We use two restrooms- the front office lobby restroom and the E bldg restroom. 


Classroom Behavior

       I will not allow any student to behave in any way that interferes with the learning of others.  I will enforce the following rules:

 Be Prompt-Seated when the bell rings with materials on desk

 Be Prepared-Bring all books and materials to class.  Take care of personal business

   (sharpening pencils, throwing things away, out of classroom conversations,   

   etc.) BEFORE class begins.

 Be RESPECTFUL-This includes a variety of areas; you know how to act!  No talking while others are talking, reading, or during the announcements.  Raise your hand for permission to speak (unless activity specifies otherwise).  Come dressed appropriately for school so we do not waste time on dress code issues. Remain in your seat at the end of class until the teacher dismisses you.

 o    We are all individuals in this classroom.  Everyone is entitled to their thoughts and their personal space.  Please respect each other’s individual beliefs, culture, and belongings.

Cell Phones

I have a no cell phone policy in my classroom.  You will be assigned a number that you will use for the entire semester.  When you arrive in my class, please put your phone on silent, and then place it in the assigned slot in the cell phone holder on the table behind my desk.   Having your attention is essential to my teaching. I am here to help you learn and cell phones are a distraction. We will make sure everyone has THEIR phone back before leaving my classroom. Failure to follow this policy will result in:


  • 1st offense: I will take your phone, and return it to you at the end of class.
  • 2nd offense: I will take your phone, and it will be turned in to the office for you to pick up. 
  • 3rd offense: I will take your phone, and your parents will have to come in to pick it up.  You will also be written up for a disciplinary action.
  • Offenses after 3rd: See 3rd offense. In addition, write ups will occur for disciplinary action and a parent conference may be required.


Note:  If your phone is asked to be turned in by a teacher, please TURN IT OFF (I am not interested in snooping) and DO NOT argue as this will cause a disciplinary action for insubordination to occur no matter what number offense (from above) has occurred. My only interest in your phone is that it not distract you from learning. 



If you choose to break a rule, you will be held accountable via Warnings, Removal to Another Classroom, Parent Contact, and/or Office Referral (If the offense is severe enough it will result in an automatic office referral).



       Tardiness is disrespectful to your class and me.  This year, you will be locked out of the class if you are tardy (school policy).  It is very important to be at school. Missing lessons puts a student behind and playing catch up for multiple classes is very difficult. I cannot teach students I do not see. I cannot prepare students who are not at school. Treat school as a job. If you miss too much, you will likely get fired and there are always consequences.  However, I do understand that we all get sick and/or have family emergencies. See make-up work policy.



Make-up Work

       Please see me regarding make up work as soon as you return.  You and I will negotiate a reasonable schedule for make-up work.  Generally, you will be allowed three days to make up work without penalty.  Tests are to be made up and projects are to be turned in the day you return to school or at a time we agree upon.  


 All make-up work is your responsibility. I will not chase you down. I do not GIVE grades, you EARN grades (If it were me, I would contact somebody in class the same day or email me at


Extra Credit

       If you do the work assigned, extra credit will not be needed. The only consistent extra credit offered will be the completion of flashcards for vocabulary units due every two weeks on test day. This can account for up to 30 extra points every 6 weeks!!! If additional extra credit is requested, I will likely give students EOC practice work.


Supplies Needed

  • One 3 ring binder (1 inch)
  • Dividers (at least 5)
  • Post-It Notes
  • 3x5 index cards for Vocabulary Extra Credit (2 packs)
  • Pens (blue, black, and red) and Pencils
  • General supplies for projects



         I will be available to discuss any questions or concerns you might have before and after school.  Please feel free to contact me about any needs you might have throughout the semester. 


Mrs. Janet Smith                         

I have read and understand the expectations and classroom procedures for English II with Mrs. Janet Smith.

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