Course Syllabus

This is a project based curriculum to understand automation and robotics with the online course Project Lead the Way. Students begin with an understanding of gear mechanisms which leads into writing useful programming concepts, identifying specific challenges or problems faced, and designing solutions to those complex problems.  Solutions will be tested and evaluated for students to produce and understand data and draw conclusions. Students have the opportunity to compete in the fall and spring UCPS VEX Robot Challenge. We also use the online course Intelitek which features an introduction in engineering to: 1. Identify engineer contributions of the 20th century, and 2. Identify various engineer categories. Students are introduced to to assist with high school and career planning, assess their career interests, identify North Carolina based colleges and universities. We will also take a walkover field trip to Piedmont High School to tour the CTE (Career and Technical Education) classes. 

Course Summary:

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