Course Syllabus

Honors Biology

Union County Early College

Teacher- Crystal Powell

Phone: 704-290-1565 (school) E-mail:


Course Description: Course topics will be based on the North Carolina Essential Standards.The complete list of essential standards can be found at the NC DPI (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction) website.


  • To familiarize students with the terminology and concepts of Biology using a theme-oriented approach that emphasizes concepts and science as a process over knowledge of facts.
  • To enhance problem-solving skills of students using an inquiry approach with hands-on labs, readings, independent projects, and class discussions.
  • To strengthen students’ communication skills with the use of written assignments,lab reports, and presentations.
  • To prepare students for further study in science.

Topics to be covered during the semester:

  • Scientific Inquiry
  • Ecology (Interrelationships, Cycles ofMatter, Human Impact)
  • Physical, Chemical, and CellularBasis of Life (Organicmolecules, Cells, Enzymes, Bioenergetic reactions)
  • Continuity of Life and Changes over Time (DNA, Genetics)
  • Unity and Diversity of Life (Classification, Representative Organisms, Health and Disease, Animal Behavior)

Materials needed:

  • 3 ring notebook with loose-leaf paper
  • Blue or black ink pens, pencils

Grading: I grade on a point system. Tests are worth 100 points.Homework and quizzes are generally worth 10-30 points. At the end of a grading period, I take the total points that a student has earned and divide by the total number of points possible. The final exam counts 25% of a student’s final grade.


1. All rules of the student handbook will be enforced.

2. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask me what you missed. Work not made up will result in a 0.

3. The honor system is in effect in my classroom. It is important to remember that my allowing you to work in groups at times does not mean it is acceptable to copy work.

4. Students will follow all safety guidelines while participating in labs.

5. I expect respect in the classroom between all members of the class.

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