Emmons-Language Arts Grade 6-16-17

Emmons-Language Arts Grade 6-16-17


 Miss Emmons 6th Grade Language Arts Class


                                                                 Marvin Ridge Middle                                                   

 Student survey: https://docs.google.com/a/ucps.k12.nc.us/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6w-krguZZnTH7PAPb_aO37gZZ7HHbYeg4W6nY2iGUyTfqLQ/viewform?c=0&w=1




Grading Policy

Report card grades will be composed as follows:

30% Quizzes

30% Classwork

30% Tests and Projects

10% Homework

While it appears that tests and projects carry the same weight as quizzes and classwork, there will be fewer of them. In turn, they will carry more weight toward the overall grade. Please check Powerschool often to monitor your class grade. **Please note that the grades posted on Canvas are not an accurate portrayal of your overall grade. This grade includes only assignments scored through Canvas.

Homework Policy

My students should not be spending more than 20 minutes per night on Language Arts homework. Most nights, I will simply assign "20 minutes." As discussed in class, this 20 minutes may be spent studying stems, completing an article of the week or simply reading or writing.  


My official tutoring hours are 8:00 am every Wednesday. However, I am happy to work with my students before school any day of the week. Please just email me the day before so that I can prepare.

Articles of the Week

Every Monday an "Article of the Week" will be assigned to be due the following Monday. This assignment will be scored as a homework grade. While my students will be given a hard copy in class, the articles can be found on Canvas as well. Also posted on Canvas, are the directions and rubric to be followed while completing the "Article of the Week." This same document applies to every article and will not change throughout the year. 


Every two weeks, my students will be assigned a list of 10 word stems to be memorized. We will discuss the stems, their meanings and give examples of words containing the stems in class. One vocabulary word will be assigned for each stem. My students should be able to apply this vocabulary word to a sentence, not memorize the definition. The stems and vocabulary terms will be available on Canvas. Every other Friday, my students will take a stems quiz assessing their knowledge of the stems and vocabulary terms. Please note that the quizzes are cumulative, so while I do not recommend studying every word each night, I do suggest periodically reviewing previous lists. An example quiz is posted on Canvas. I realize that it can be daunting to keep track of which week a quiz will be given, so I have made a note of each quiz on my Canvas Calendar. 

Reading Log

Students should keep a log of their reading. We have gone over how to complete this log in class, but my students are always welcome to ask if they have any questions about completing their log. I have blank logs printed in class for students to take when they need or you may use the following link to print a copy from home. Reading logs will be collected once every grading period and scored as a homework grade. 



Technology Repairs

Students, please complete the following document when in need of a repair. 



Course Summary:

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