Haddon-French I-S1

Haddon-French I-S1

ImageFrench I Syllabus  2016-2017

Madame Ann Haddon

email:  ann.haddon@ucps.k12.nc.us

phone number:  704-290-1520


Bonjour les parents et les élèves,

Bienvenue au cours de Français 1 ! I am very pleased that you have chosen to study the French language. I look forward to sharing my love and knowledge of the language, the francophone world and its cultures with you.  The Francophone world is very important in today’s global world, and I want your student to understand the value of what he/she learns in French 1 and how to make it meaningful in his/her community and life. Learning a foreign language is a challenging experience, but it is also extremely rewarding.  Students, it will require daily practice (really and truly!) and patience on your part. The more you practice, the easier and more natural it will become.  I anticipate seeing you participate in French Club and using the language with your peers.  It is impressive to your friends!  Parents, I encourage you to support your student and to emphasize the importance of being proficient in a second language, studying other cultures and becoming a global citizen.

Listed below are some important facts about this class and about my expectations of you as a student. After reviewing this information with your parents, you should both sign the acknowledgement and return the last portion to me (with yours and parent’s signatures) for a homework grade. Please retain the top portion for your records.

lf you have any questions, please let me know. The MRHS telephone number is 704.290.1520 and my email address is ann.haddon@ucps.k12.nc.us.  I check my email regularly and will make every effort to respond in a timely


Materials/supplies needed for class:

  1. Textbook (provided), Allez, Viens! Level 1.  Each student will be issued a textbook for the semester;  additionally, I will register the students for access to the online version of the textbook.  Each student will have a unique online access code for homework and additional study outside of class.
  2. Workbook (provided, but you will need to write on your own paper)
  3. A notebook to be divided as follows:
  4. Warm-up exercises
  5. Notes (this will be LARGE)
  6. Handouts (this will also be LARGE)
  7. Class work and returned homework
  8. Study guides

(Notebooks will be checked periodically for neatness, organization and completeness.)

  1. Paper and blue or black pens, and #2 pencils.  Please make sure to be prepared for class by having loose leaf paper to take notes on.  It is something that we do everyday as a matter of routine!

***5.  Earphones/headphones with an accompanying microphone for listening and recording activities with the new Chromebooks.  For sanitary reasons, I am asking each student to purchase and bring to class their own personal set.  We are required to record oral activities several times over the semester, and there are several inexpensive (less than $20)  types that provide a great quality of sound.  Actual headphones are preferable for noise reasons, but earbuds are acceptable.  Please contact me with any questions as necessary.  I will have a checklist to ensure that each student has acceptable headphones that are compatible with the chromebooks.


Note:  Donations of Kleenex, old magazines, particularly with great pictures, and colored markers are greatly appreciated. (Especially KLEENEX!)  Merci beaucoup.


Grading Policy:  I work on a points-based grading system.  In general, it is based as follows:

  1. Tests (written and/or oral) will usually count for 100 points.  
  2. Quizzes (written and/or oral) will usually account for 30-75 points each, depending on scope and time/effort expended.
  3.  Projects  (written and/or oral) will vary in points possible depending on the scope and time/effort expended.  They are usually valued at 50 - 100 points each.
  4. Homework (both oral and written) will make up up to 10 points each.   These are graded for completion.  If the assignment was partially completed, I will give 5 out of 10 points. If the student was unable to complete the homework assignment because of internet issues or technological reasons, I will ask for the parent or guardian to email me or send a note to advise me of the impediment that prevented your student from doing their homework., If unable to write an email due to computer being down, the parent must write a note with signature and contact information to have an opportunity to turn homework in late.


Make-up work:  

  1. For assignments missed, please see me before or after class, or call a classmate.  All major  assignments and homework should be posted on the class website.  I have established a Google classroom site that your student will have access to.  They will also have access to an online version of the textbook that is accessible from most computers, so they do not have to have their chromebooks for access.  We are also converting all of our platforms over to Canvas, so I will make sure you are informed as to when we can roll that out.
  2. Make-up tests and quizzes must be completed before or after school. Please check with me to make arrangements.  I do not allow students to make up assessments during class time.

Important: If your absence was lawful, you have 2 days for each day absent to complete all makeup work, including homework.


Tutoring  (Des Horaires de Soutien Scolaire):

  1.  Monday afternoons from 3:00-4:00
  2. Thursday afternoons: 3:00- 4:00

I am also available, on a limited basis, in the mornings with advanced notice.  I generally prefer to work with students after school, as mornings are very limited in time, etc.  I know that there are students who are unable to come in the afternoon, because of athletics or work outside of school,  and I will try very hard to accommodate those students.  Please let me know ahead of time, even if you are planning to come at regular hours, so I will know to look for you.  Also, if you will, give me a specific topic of what you would like reinforcement with.  This will make our time together much more effective and helpful.  Thanks in advance for your help with this.  I can be reached at my email:  ann.haddon@ucps.k12.nc.us  .


Online translators and plagiarism   Use of Google Translate or other online translators is strictly forbidden at any time in or out of class.  Please be advised that using an online translator as a shortcut for learning how to communicate in French is literally plagiarism.  Any student who copies translated information and represents those words as their own is plagiarizing, and  this will not be tolerated for any reason.  Per Marvin Ridge High School’s policy for plagiarism, from p. 23:  “For any cheating/plagiarism offense, students will be given a grade of zero (0) on the work, a parent contact will be initiated by the teacher and a discipline referral to administration will occur. Subsequent offenses are handled by the teacher in the same manner with additional administrative disciplinary consequences up to out of school suspension (OSS).”

Thank you again for choosing to study French at Marvin Ridge.  It will be a wonderful semester, and I am very excited to work together to learn a lot of French!     Merci beaucoup!  Allons-y!!


Mme Haddon






Parents and students, please sign and return only this page to me.  This will be assessed as a homework assignment.


French 1 Syllabus, 2016-2017


I acknowledge that I have read the syllabus and agree to abide by all procedures of Mme Haddon’s class.  I understand and agree to abide by Marvin Ridge High School’s plagiarism policy.

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Parent Signature:  _______________________________________________

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