Greene - Health Education: Grade 6 - T2

Greene - Health Education: Grade 6 - T2

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Phone: (704) 225-7555

Welcome to 6th grade health. You will come to trailer 14 on A/B day.

All you will need is your computer, paper, and pencil.

We will be going over topics such as ; hygiene, nutrition, emotional health, tobacco, vape, first aid, fire safety, bullying and the puberty education curriculum which I will be sending papers home and going into more detail about on the first day.

Grading: 15 points a day: 5 for a warm up, 5 for participation/classwork, and 5 for conduct.

This in only a 6 week course as opposed to a semester, 

Some assignments will be under the discussions and assignments pages but we will go over everything in person.


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