Willis - Fit Lab Grade 7 - T1

Willis - Fit Lab Grade 7 - T1


I am very excited to let you know that we will be using the exercise equipment this year!


COURSE DESCRIPTION:  During the 6-weeks, students will learn how to properly use various types of exercise equipment.  During each class period, students will be physically participating in exercise workout rotations.  As weather permits, students will also be participating in cardio exercises outdoors.  Students will learn proper techniques necessary to prevent injuries while promoting muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

If there is a MEDICAL condition that I should be made aware of, please email me with information as soon as possible.  Lets work together on a plan to help make fit lab class successful for everyone.

DRESSING OUT:  Students are NOT required to dress out into the PRMS PE uniform on a daily basis.  However, this is a physical participation class and students should wear flexible attire to school on the days of fit lab class.  This will allow them to fully participate without restrictions.  Proper flexible attire includes the following:  loose fitting clothing such as sweat pants, shorts, t-shirts, and athletic shoes that tie-up.  During cold weather, students may wear sweatpants or leggings UNDER their shorts as well as sweatshirts, coats, and hoodies.

WORKOUT PARTICIPATION:  A portion of each class period is dedicated to the development of muscular strength and endurance while demonstrating proper technique.  A variety of fitness equipment will be used to enhance the student’s ability to establish the benefits of a lifetime of fitness.  Failure to participate during this section of class time will result in a deduction of the student’s grade.

WHAT TO BRING TO CLASS:  Students are encouraged to bring a personal water bottle to use during this time as they will not be able to easily access the water fountains inside of our building.  Students may also bring their own music and earbuds to use while participating in the daily workout activities.  However, the teacher will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.  

QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS:  paula.willis@ucps.k12.nc.us

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