Byerly - Health Education: Grade 7 - T1

Byerly - Health Education: Grade 7 - T1



Welcome to 7th grade health. You will come to trailer 14 om A/B day.

All you will need is your computer, paper, and pencil.

We will be going over topics such as ; what is health, nutrition, tobacco, and out sex ed curriculum which I will be sending papers home and going into more detail about on the first day.

Grading: 10 points a day: 5 for a warm up and 5 for participation. 

This in only a 6 week course as opposed to a semester, 

Some assignments will be under the discussions and assignments pages but we will go over everything in person.

 If you are going to be out sick or on vacation, you need to let me know so I can show you how to keep up with your work. 

Course Summary:

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