Course Syllabus

Sports Medicine I Syllabus

Teacher: Connor Tanferno


Textbook: Principles of Athletic Training

Objective:  Students will learn the fundamentals of Sports Medicine through knowledge of muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, joints and diseases while applying Recognition, Evaluation and Rehabilitation of injuries and diseases.

Expectations: Students are expected to follow all guidelines that are outlined in the Porter Ridge High School student conduct handbook.

General Topics:  This course will provide an opportunity to learn Sports Medicine in the following areas but not limited to:

  • Introduction to Sports Medicine, Athletic Training
  • Foot/ankle/lower leg
  • Knee
  • Thigh/Hip/Abdomen
  • Back, shoulders, upper arm/elbow/wrist, Head
  • Concussions
  • Skin Diseases
  • Exercise and Elderly
  • Sports, Society and Nutrition

General Procedures: 

  • Be seated and ready to work when the bell rings
  • Have all supplies ready everyday
  • Complete assignments on time and maintain a neat organized notebook
  • Respect all classroom rules and procedures
  • Be respectful to all peers/teachers and be actively involved in the classroom
  • Be prepared

Classroom Supplies: 

  • Notebook 
  • Binder/Folder for Notes
  • Pen/Pencils
  • Box of Colored Pencils


Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Discipline will be followed as instructed in Porter Ridge High School student handbook.  



The grading scale for the Union County Public School System is
90-100 = A; 80-89 = B; 70-79 = C; 60-69 = D; 0-59 = F.  A weighted grading scale is used for honors and advanced courses.  All numerical grades are converted to a grade point average.  Please see page 15 in the UCPS Program of Studies for complete details. 

All grades will be placed online for students and parents to follow.

Food and Drink:

No food or drink except for water.

Missed Assignments:  It is the student’s responsibility to make up all missed assignments while they are out. The amount of time is listed and outlined in the student handbook. 

Please know this it is my priority to ensure that each student has adequate assistance and ample opportunity to succeed in this class.  I look forward to working with each student.   Please contact me whenever you feel necessary.


Behaviors that disrupt the educational environment of the classroom or other school functions will not be tolerated at Porter Ridge High School. The following steps will be used as consequences for undesirable behaviors at school.

1st Offense - Warning

2nd Offense - Mandatory Parent Contact

3rd Offense - Teacher will complete an Office Referral. Student will be assigned to a discipline court (Students will meet with an administrator regarding behaviors. Students will also be assigned a mentor to help with any concerns.) The consequence for the 3rd referral will be a Lunch Detention, After-school Detention or Saturday School - (Determined by an administrator) 

  • Lunch Detention will be during 3rd block
  • After school Detention will be start promptly at 3:05pm and End at 4:05.
  • (Students will not be permitted if they are late)
  • Saturday School will begin at 9:00am and end at 12:00pm
  • Students will be involved in Campus Beautification Activities during this time
  • 4th Offense - Teacher will complete an Office Referral.  Teacher will call home and inform the parent. Administration will address the issue.

All major issues will be handled by School Administration. Major behaviors may result in Out of School Suspension or other consequences.  


Students will not use cellular phones or electronic/media devices during instructional time except pursuant to an authorized purpose or as an instructional tool under the guidance and direction of a staff member during a school activity. Students may use cellular phones or electronic/media devices during non-instructional times, including class change and lunch, so long as the use is not disruptive to the school environment and the cellular phone or electronic/media device is used in a safe and responsible manner. 

Only one earbud/ headphone will be allowed in the  hallway during transitions. Students need to be alert, attentive and aware of their surrounding as they transition throughout the school. Teachers are able to address concerns with earbuds, headphones and any other device that may impair a students ability to alertly transition from class to class.  

The District nor Porter Ridge High School are not responsible for theft, loss or damage to any electronic devices brought onto school property. UB: Cell Phone Use, UB: Inappropriate Item on School Property.

  • First Offense: Confiscate item and return to the student at the end of the academic day.  If use of the electronic device results in violation of other policies (including but not limited to school based rules) then further discipline may be applied. 
  • Second Offense: Confiscate item and return only to parents. Parent conference required and may include 1 day of in-school suspension, after school detention, or Saturday School. 
  • Third Offense: Confiscate item and return only to parents. Parent conference required and may include 1 day of in-school suspension, after school detention, or Saturday School and cannot bring item to school for remainder of the school year, except as authorized in writing by the school principal. 

Failure to obey the request of a school staff member to hand over an electronic device, including but not limited to a cell phone, shall be considered insubordination and consequences will be imposed pursuant to the school level rules.


Students are expected to be in class when the tardy bell rings.  Students that arrive late disturb other students as well as hurt their own academic standing.  Tardies will be addressed in the following manner: 

  • Attendance is counted every single day
  • Tardy means being up to 15 minutes late to class
  • An excused absence is still an absence
  • Absent means missing 16 or more minutes from the beginning, middle or end of any class

All students must report to Mr. Bundick when locked out

  • 1st Tardy - Warning / No Consequence
  • 2nd Tardy - Warning / Parent Contact
  • 3rd Tardy - One (1) day of Lunch Detention and Parent Contact
  • 4th Tardy - One (1) day of Lunch Detention and Parent Contact
  • 5th Tardy - One (1) day of After School Detention (ASD) and Parent Contact
  • 6th Tardy - One (1) day of After School Detention (ASD) and Parent Contact
  • 7th Tardy - One (1) day of Saturday Academy and Parent Contact (Loss of parking permit for 1 week)
  • 8th Tardy - Parent Conference with administration
  • 9th Tardy - One (1) day of Saturday Academy and Parent Contact
  • 10th Tardy - permanent loss of parking permit.  Further disciplinary action for non-drivers


First and second semester exams are to be given to all students in grades 9-12 on designated days in the school calendar. Scores on these exams are to count 25% of the final semester grade.  Courses that have an EOC exam, a North Carolina Final Exam, or a CTE End of Course exam will all have a final that counts as 25% of the final semester grade.  High School students will not be required to take a teacher-made final exam in a course in the following situations:

  • The student has an average of 90 or above the week prior to the administration of the exam and has no more than 2 absences (excused or unexcused) in the class; or
  • The student has an average of 80 or above the week prior to the administration of the exam and has no more than 1 absences (excused or unexcused) in the class.

Learning Platform at Porter Ridge High School 

Canvas: The majority of assignments will be submitted on Canvas.  Assignments can be submitted a variety of ways including, uploading files, typing into text boxes, and sharing Google documents/presentations. Students not having used Canvas before should alert the teacher and they will be shown how to submit assignments on Canvas. Individual assignments will indicate which method of submission on Canvas is expected. It is the student's responsibility to ensure assignments are submitted on time and to contact the instructor if there is a problem. The Canvas Learning Platform logs every student log-in on Canvas which provides teachers with a list of when students log-in to Canvas using their user id.  

Canvas is used to grade assignments as well, however, the grades in Canvas, while accurate to that assignment, are NOT the teacher’s gradebook.  The teacher’s gradebook includes categories of assignments that may be weighted differently and may include grades for assignments that did not use the Canvas Learning Platform. Therefore, students and parents should always check their child’s true average on Powerschool.

Course Summary:

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