Elliott - IB Language B-Spanish SL - 21-22

Elliott - IB Language B-Spanish SL - 21-22

Queridos estudiantes,

Welcome to the SL Spanish International Baccalaureate course.

This course is designed to construct, in you,  the practical life skill of the ability communicate across the linguistic & cultural divide.

Equal emphasis is placed on all four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Students will work to improve their communicative competency and fluency through conversational activities in class as well as through reading, discussion of contemporary articles, and significant literary works. Of course, classes will be conducted in Spanish! All assignments and assessments will be in Spanish! The focus of this two-year course is centered around the discussions of five universal themes. Within each theme, there is a multiplicity of subtopics, several of which can be seen below.


The five prescribed themes are:


(Personal attributes , Personal relationships, Eating and drinking , Physical wellbeing)


( Daily routine, Leisure, Holidays, Festivals and celebrations)


( Transport, Entertainment, Media, Technology)


(Neighbourhood, Education , The workplace , Social issues)


( Climate, Physical geography ,The environment, Global issues)

As a Language B student, a TOK moment could be: How does the culture we grow up with influence the decisions that we make in our daily lives? 

CAS: As a class we will develop a project that will create a cultural connection with our community base on the IB prescribed themes. 

Syllabus IB -- Language B Spanish