Dundorf-Pottery/Ceramics I-S1

Dundorf-Pottery/Ceramics I-S1

Ceramics 1 & 2

Ms. Allison Dundorf  


Ceramics 1 & 2 Syllabus

Course Description

This course is offered to students who are interested in clay and pottery techniques.

  • Students will explore the following areas: Sculptural and functional hand building, design, and drying and firing processes.
  • The course will focus on art appreciation, art history and written and verbal critique as it relates to pottery and design.
  • A portfolio will be started in preparation for the requirements of college classes in art.
  • Student work will be exhibited throughout the term at teacher’s discretion.
  • Students will maintain a sketchbook/journal that is used on a daily basis.

This class will be an exploration of a variety of art concepts, media and techniques throughout the term.  The student will be introduced to different periods of art history, different styles of art, art from other cultures and the work of individual artists.  The student will begin to understand the relationship between famous art work and his/her own work and hopefully develop a sense of appreciation for both.   During the term we will work with clay, both two-dimensionally and in the third dimension.  

During the term, we will work on drawing and sketching skills as we place emphasis on the elements and principles of design.  We will work with each of these elements separately so that the student will be able to understand the mechanics of putting together a work of art that displays the principles of design.  As we explore the many different aspects of modern art, we will make comparisons and study relationships between modern styles and traditional and classical styles of art.  We will try to understand the importance of art in our lives and the impact it has on our society. Each student will be required to finish projects in a reasonable time frame and meet deadlines.


  • Each student will be required to maintain an organized sketchbook/journal, completing all of the assignments as well as keeping an ongoing record of drawn and written plans, thoughts and ideas about art.
  • All class notes will be kept in the sketchbook/journal. These notes will include

information about artists, periods and styles, as well as, terminology and techniques that pertain to each assignment. 

  • Drawing from observation is very important in the development of drawing skills.

Journals will be collected and graded at the end of each week.




Grading Policy

The student will be graded on production, attitude, creativity and effort.  Students must meet the objectives of the assignment.  The student is expected to be attentive, diligent and well-behaved while producing their projects.  The student is expected to show an expansion of ideas, risk-taking and creativity.

**All Ceramics projects will be graded in their Greenware stage(before Firing).  I am looking for understanding of process and technique more than anything.  At the end of the semester the student will have a chance to earn additional credit by glazing and finishing pieces. Pieces will be fired to Bisqueware (fired once, ready for glaze) throughout the semester. 

Required Items to be purchased by students:(5 points extra credit if brought in by Friday!)

  • Sketchbooks – 100 pages minimum, spiral bound works best.
  • Pencils – Both mechanical and wooden styles
  • Erasers – Hand-held (the ones on your pencils will not last a week!)

               White plastic (vinyl) works best.  Pink ones are too coarse.

  • Permanent pen, black – Have two sizes. Example: Sharpie Ultra Fine &Fine
  • Glue Stick – I prefer (& provide) Elmer’s White Glue.


Requested items for communal use: (1 additional point of extra credit per item *up to 5*)

  • Masking tape (Wide and Thin rolls)
  • Shaving CREAM (~$1 at walmart, think “Barbasol”)
  • Old Towels
  • Liquid Soap
  • Tissues

Suggested supplies to have at home are colored pencils, drawing pencils, markers, pastels, erasers, ruler and any paint medium of personal choice.



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