Course Syllabus

This course will teach the student essential knowledge in the area of Civics. Different governmental philosophies will be explored wit an emphasis on a democratic republican form of government. Students will learn about the functions that the government and its responsibilities to it's citizens.Citizen rights, responsibilities, duties and protections will all be taught. Students will have a rudimentary, yet important, understanding of economics after taking this course. The emphasis will be on how economics impacts their daily lives.


Grades will determined as follows:

Daily quizzes

Weekly Tests

Class assignments

Home work

Major Project

Oral Presentation

Term Paper







Material taught first 12 weeks : Intro to Civics, America's English heritage, Articles of Con,federation and the Constitution Various levels of government and their functions and responsibilities, political parties, civil rights movement, court cases, Bill of Rights

Material last 6 weeks : Basic economic concepts, supply and demand, money, international trade, types of businesses and business theories



Course Summary:

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