Course Syllabus


SYLLABUS – Fall 2020

Teacher: Mrs. Michelle Weidman



Principles of EngineeringTM (POE) is a high school level course for students who are interested in further exploration in the fields of engineering. Introduction to EngineeringTM (IED) is the pre-requisite. POE continues to develop skills in problem-solving and the design principles learned in IED. The course applies and concurrently develops secondary level knowledge and skills in mathematics, science, and technology, while focusing on the following course of study:

  • Mechanisms             
  • Structures
  • Materials
  • Automation using VEX components and Robot-C programming software     
  • Measurement, Statistics, and Applied Geometry
  • Work, Energy and Power
  • Presentation Design and Delivery      


Material Requirements:

  1. A ring binder or a folder for keeping handouts organized
  2. Notebook & graph paper
  3. A pencil and two pens, one with blue ink and one with black ink
  4. A calculator. It does not need to be a graphing calculator, but it does need to be able to take a square root, find trigonometric ratios, and find angles using inverse trigonometric functions.
  5. A project folder with metal prongs for holding 3-hole punched papers.


An Engineering Notebook will be provided by Mrs. Weidman.  Please bring this every day.  Notebooks will be graded at irregular intervals during the semester.


Daily Work:

            Some assignments are graded by completion and others are graded based on the result and completion.   Some assignments may be submitted on Canvas while others will be presented in class.  Mrs. Weidman will strive to be clear on assignment expectations, but students should feel free to ask questions whenever necessary.


Academic Misconduct:

            Academic Misconduct (cheating) will result in a zero on the assignment or test, a phone call home, and a referral.  Copying homework or lending homework to be copied is cheating.  Copying PLTW assignment answers or files from another student or from any source other than your teacher is cheating.



            I am available for help virtually or after school by appointment as needed.  If you get behind on any assignment or project requiring class supplies or VEX parts we will work together to find a solution.



Grades are calculated on a point system (points received/possible points)

  • Tests/ Project Portfolios/Presentations: 40 - 150 points each
  • Notebooks: 50 - 100 points
  • Assignments: 10 - 50 points each

  ** These are tentative estimated point distributions.  Actually point distributions are subject to change.



            This is the Bell Schedule for the Fall 2020 semester.  Please plan to be in class or online at the beginning of each class to be counted as "present" and to get instructions for the lesson.  

2020 Bell Schedule.JPG