Jardon Peppard - Visual Arts Grade 6 - T1

Jardon Peppard - Visual Arts Grade 6 - T1

6th Grade T1 ~ Introduction to Visual Art & Mindfulness

Ms. Peppard ~ 2020-2021

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I feel that it is vital to keep the creative spirit growing everyday! The arts are a wonderful way for you to express your anxiety, hopes, fears, and dreams.

What YOU need to do for this class!

  • Read through each assignment/art project completely before you begin.
  • Finish the required steps for each assignment/art project each week or you will fall behind.
  • Remember art is interpretive! It is okay to think outside the box🎨🖼
  • Download the canvas app to your phones so that it is easier for you to take pictures of your work to submit.
  • Work at your own pace to complete all assignments given for the week.


Course Summary:

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