Hill - Physical Education: Grade 8 - 20-21

Hill - Physical Education: Grade 8 - 20-21

PE Syllabus Plan B & Plan D 2020-2021 School Year


Welcome to PRMS! We are excited to have your child in our program. We would like to inform you of our requirements and procedures. This will enable your child to comply with our program’s expectations. Your child will be in Physical Education for an entire Semester. Dates for this Semester are Aug. 17 - Dec. 21, 2020. Students will not change clothes for Physical Education class like they have in the past.The locker rooms are off-limits and will be locked. Students should not change clothes in the bathroom.  *Students are expected to dress appropriately on the days they attend PE class. If a student needs to be excused because of an injury, teacher’s need a Doctor’s note from the student's doctor. Please refer to your student’s agenda for information regarding excuse notes. Students will perform a fitness activity each day they are in P.E.class. 

 Physical Education/Fit Lab Attire

Students should wear appropriate clothing on days they are scheduled to have PE. Items they should not wear on PE days are dresses, tight jeans, or other restrictive clothing. Students are expected to bend, squat, twist, and move in PE. Shoes: Rubber soled tennis shoes, with enclosed backs. All sneakers must be laced up and tied for class. Shoes that are not appropriate for PE class: Flip Flops/Slides, Boots(Any kind) Boat Shoes, and Dress Shoes. Boat shoes and dress shoes often leave marks on the gym floor.

Locker Rooms

Lockers will not be available for student use at any time this year. Social Distancing requirements will need to be lifted to use. Students will have bookbags this year and will be given a particular spot in the gym bleachers to put their items on while they are in class. 


Food and Drink is not allowed in the gym. We urge students to bring their own water bottles for each day they are in PE. PLEASE LABEL YOUR STUDENTS WATER BOTTLE. PLEASE MAKE SURE THEY HAVE PLENTY OF WATER AVAILABLE TO THEM ON THOSE DAYS. Water Fountains are turned off in the building and cannot be refilled in bottles. We prefer cellphones not at the school.If your student brings their phone to school. It has to remain in their bookbags the entirety of class. Thank you!

Students with Special Needs

If a medical condition exists, please be sure to communicate this with your teacher. There is a space provided on the emergency form that was emailed to you on Google Docs.

Grading Rubric

Students will be graded per the guidelines below. All Assignments will be 10 points per day and will be on Canvas this year for Remote Learning. Students can earn up to 10 points per day in class from Coming Prepared for Class and  participating in  Activity. 

Grading Breakdown

  • Prepared For Class 5 Points
  • Participation   5 Points
  • Remote Learning 10 Points


A total of 150 points can be earned each six week grading period. Please complete and return the emergency form in Email. Other!



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Office Hours – 9:30-10:30, 12:10-12:45, 4:05-4:30

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